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Easter is just around the corner. With that in mind, I wanted to send you 6 ways that you can spruce up your home for spring!  Enjoy!

​1.  A Vase of White Flowers.  Added with a vignette, it brings a fresh, vibrant look to any space.  Add a touch of green, and it just screams “Fresh, New, Life!”

​2.  Little metal buckets.  Yep, that’s right. You can find these for $1 to $5 at Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart.  Put some artificial greenery in them, and a sweet ribbon around them, and voila! You have a farmhouse  or cottage-style vignette.

​3.  Propped Up Plates and Chalkboard Signs.  Pier One, Target, and Walmart can give you ideas for inspiration.  Or even just a beautiful blue plate propped up and beside it a small chalkboard saying.  Heck, you can even find an old frame that looks vintage and print out from Pinterest a chalkboard saying.  I’ve done this and it’s REALLY cute.

​4.  Wreaths.  Who says you have to put your wreath only on the OUTSIDE of your home?  Get one of those wreath hooks and hook it to a mirror, or use a suction cup with hook and put a green or eucalyptus wreath, or even an Easter or Spring Wreath.  Change out a pic that is hanging over a bed with a pretty wreath, and you have an instant room refresh!

​5.  A Tray.  Yep. Trays can be rotated or used year round.  Vintage style, or ones with a pop of color. You can put the cutest things in a tray.  You can put much of what I have already mentioned in a tray and add even more style!

​6.  Bunnies!  I love bunnies.  I have a few I keep out year-round, but I also add them in for the Spring and Easter festive look.

Well, folks, these are just some ideas to help you perk up your space.  You can add in chunky candlesticks, glass cloches with small items tucked away in there and stacked books to set your pretties on.  After all, Spring is about new life and fresh color! Have fun!