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Five things to create a feeling of “Home”! My short, sweet, and sassy tips. From my heart to yours!

Five things to create a feeling of “Home”! My short, sweet, and sassy tips. From my heart to yours!

Hey there! 

With Groundhog Day behind us, and a “prediction” for an early spring, many of us are itching to get some of those glorious home projects done.  If you are thinking of selling, oftentimes people look ahead six months to 5 or 10 years planning what needs to be done and make the best investments if they are selling.   So, no matter if you are selling or dwelling, these tips can apply and help you!

Source: Sherwin Williams

With Valentine’s Day in mind here ya go…   A home should feel really special, to the owner, if staying, and to the buyer, if buying.  The difference is, if you’re considering selling, you need to consider how the home looks from a buyer’s perspective and change some things.

  1. PAINT COLOR is one thing that can send a buyer running the other way, or enticing them to move right in. Color is very emotional.  And remember, there is a big difference between paint color if you are staying and paint color for selling.   Paint is money in a can, but you must know best color choices to appeal to those buying in your area.  A huge color “blooper” can be the wrong kitchen, dining room, den, or bedroom color, resulting in either better offers on a home for sale, or lower offers if the color is a turnoff.

No matter what, you don’t want your home to look like a Rubix Cube… too many different colors going on.    Here’s a great article on color for staging.

  1. CURB APPEAL.  Every day, I drive by homes that for just a little bit of elbow grease or hiring out someone, there are certain easy fixes such as overgrown bushes that are too tall for the windows.  Faded shutters, front doors and junk on the front area of the home can lower your home’s values.
  2. LAYOUT AND FLOW. Oftentimes, when I come into a client’s home where I’ve been hired to do a prep to sell walkthrough of their occupied home, I can help them “create real estate within their real estate” by moving some furniture around, editing some pieces, and it’s amazing the difference!

But…..if you are in your home and are not selling, there may be some pieces of furniture that you really don’t need anymore, the kids aren’t going to want to inherit them, and they are just taking up space.  Getting a friend to help you make decisions on some of this can make these decisions easier.

4. CLEAN LINES AND HEART-WARMING VIGNETTES This does not mean a home has to have a hospital feel, yes, if you are selling, take down those personal pics, and whether selling or not….get rid of the “junk” areas, and setting out a tray with a plant or some lovely candlesticks grouped can take a rather hectic feel down to a wonderful emotional connection.   I have found that I love many things, but after editing books, clothing, and other belongings, that hanging on to my absolute favorites make them more special with less “stuff,” and less maintenance also!

Updating lights and fixtures can be a game changer for your home, whether it’s your kitchen cabinets, or your light fixtures.  Be sure you don’t get something toooo trendy, but something that will elevate your home.  I’m attaching a before and after pic of one of my previous clients foyer.  Please forgive the fact that the fixture was a bit cut off in the pics, but they had this AMAZING home and that little light in their foyer just wasn’t working to elevate that space.  With some recommended updates, they were able to list their home for over $40,000 more.  Isn’t that crazy?

There are some great ways I can help, either virtually or in person!  From tips and tricks and best paint colors to elevate your home, many times you can add more equity and value to your home by getting the right help and investing in the right things.  Have a grrreat February!    Helping you live your best life intentionally,



5 Easy Tips for the Holidays

5 Easy Tips for the Holidays

5 Easy Tips for the Holidays


  1. Nature: Use elements of nature.  Place some sticks in a lovely vase, paint them white (optional), and hang some ornaments on them.   Pinecones in a bowl, or spray painted white are lovely.  Magnolia branches with the leaves are gorgeous.
  2. Use what you have: Layer your dinnerware.  If you have more than one set, you can mix and match and make them look fantastic by adding pops of color to coordinate with napkins, etc.
  3. Glass cake plates: You can use the glass stand, or turn the cover upside down and add ornaments, greenery, etc.   Create a snow village with little houses and trees and have the cake plate covered with the glass dome.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Useful Beautiful Home

4. Lastly, don’t forget to have a hot cocoa / beverage station for your family or guests.

5. Just pick a few areas that you want to highlight and don’t stress about the rest!  Enjoy your time with your loved ones!

Call me if you need an emergency “all hands on deck” session. I now offer “Desiggner on Demand package where you can book a block of hours. Sometimes you just need a little bit of hand holding and 1-2-3 steps to zip through that project!

Remember, I’m here for you, no décor or staging dilemma is too small!

Simple Minimalist Fall Decor

Simple Minimalist Fall Decor

Happy Fall!

I know a lot of people run around like chickens getting their homes ready for each season.  That’s okay….if you love doing that!   As I have moved forward in life, I really have swung more in the direction of “anti-consumerism.”  But, as I’ve found myself focusing more on intentional living, I still bring highlights of the seasons into my home, but you won’t find me piling my shopping cart high full of new stuff every season.

For starters, I usually have a wreath on each door and something seasonal near the door.  I have had a great “flower cart” just outside the entry that I often will put flower bulbs in in the spring and so on for other seasons, but in the fall, I just quickly put in pumpkin, leaves, or a simple pot of mums.   If you have an interesting architectural piece, or even a barrel you can turn upside down, just a simple pot of mums can look gorgeous!

Each year I may buy one new thing and pitch something old.  This year, for my dining room, I purchased a buffalo checked table runner.  Found this one at Steinmart and they did have a few at Hobby Lobby, but HL’s items fly off the shelf (they were gone when I circled back to purchase) and I found out they don’t reorder the seasonal stuff at all! I actually purchased two items this year, and I fell in love with the baby pumpkins, purchased them and put them in the pink tray I already had on my table.  Painted that tray baby pink last year and loved it! Do you have something in your own home you can re-purpose or paint?  Craft paint is great!

I have a small collection of white pouring pitchers and one of them is my grandmothers from before she ever had indoor plumbing.  The pitchers end up in various locations from kitchen bar to my iron bakers rack, and so on as the seasons change.   What do you have that you can mix in with your decor?

I have a pop of fall on small shelf areas, but not much.  I did a little more on my baker’s rack because it is one of the focal areas of our home – the kitchen, and we don’t have to clean it off daily to sit down and work/eat.  When we downsized to a smaller home, a more simplistic life is how we chose to live.  I have two porcelain pumpkins (shown) that have lasted for years and this year, I tried my hand at chalkboard art.

On another note:  Besides assisting folks with just interior re-dos, I also offer seasonal decor and one-day turnaround packages.   If you feel you just don’t have the time….these packages are for you!

​Many times, we can use what you already have and also add a few new items.  Fresh eyes can often bring new life to a space, making those areas of your home even more warm and welcoming!

Quite often, you can use what you already have and also add a few new items.  Fresh eyes can often bring new life to a space, making those areas of your home even more warm and welcoming!   I’ve also sent you a link to help you declutter and simplify if you want the scoop!

No matter what your need, I’m here for you.  Every home has a story to tell…


5 Easy Home Styling Tips

5 Easy Home Styling Tips

Hi My Friend!

Do you have a problem area in your home that maybe you just don’t have a great feeling about? Does it make you a little crazy?  So many folks I talk with are just stumped as to those problem areas in their home.   Does this happen to you?  Trust me, it even happens to me occasionally, and I have to keep it under control in my own home, as well! After all, I live in the real world, too!

I have even gotten clients who have lived in their home awhile, or just moved in, and their homes are just lovely, but once they get the furniture in the space, they just don’t know how to “finish” it.  This is why I love what I do!

Well, today I’m going to give a quick 5 Easy Room Styling Tips that can be helpful for you to move forward.  It’s up to you to use this advice (or not), but these are just some basic stepping stones to improve a space.

1.  If you have too much stuff, it can overwhelm

both you – and folks coming into the room.  If you have “collections” of things, pare them down, store some.  What happens is, when a person has so much, whether it’s on the kitchen island, or on shelves, it can overwhelm the mind, plus, your eye does not have ​a place to rest.  You can always rotate your pretties in and out 🙂

2.  Size (and placement) matters

SO often I see artwork that is too small, hung too high, or the frame doesn’t work well with the art.  “The Spruce” has a littl information that can be helpful for you for pointers on this matter.  Be sure to check out their site!  Also, eye level is best for art (the center of art should be at eye level unless you have a gallery wall).

3.  Symmetry Matters 

Often, there may be a space that isn’t symmetrical anyway, because a room layout may be a little odd.   Creating that balance for the eye can make even one awkward area seem SO much more cohesive and warm.  Sometimes, it’s like a void that needs filling if there is no balance or symmetry in a room.

4.  Stacking Heights

and groupings.  If you are putting your “pretties” on places such as the top of your bookshelf or your mantle, for example, have something taller on one side, with some other things with varying heights grouped around.  Often, groups of threes work really well.

5.  Good Flow 

If a room does not have good flow, it can feel cold and uninviting.  Having a good floor plan and layout can increase the value of your room, psychologically, because, of course, you will want to spend more time in there!

I offer services where I come in and assess what you have, see things with “fresh eyes,” help you properly place certain items, advise on clutter areas, pull from art and accessories you already have, and give you a customized list of things to shop for.   Sometimes, we can even accomplish certain actual tasks during the initial consult.

I hope you are doing well,  shoot me an email with YOUR problem area.  I love to hear from you, who knows…maybe YOUR dilemma may end up on my blog with some helpful pointers that everyone can learn from (only with your permission :).

ALSO, this month, I’m collecting birthdays (NOT YEARS) from my subscribers.  I like to celebrate with ya’ll by sending you birthday greetings!

Send me your birthdate via email, and I will enter you into a drawing for a $10 Starbucks Gift Card!  Drawing will take place on August 31.   If you are not on my email list, please let me know and I will add you!  My clients love receiving FREE home decor and staging tips!

Have a great rest of your summer, and be blessed, not stressed, my friend!

5 Simple Things to Improve Curb Appeal

5 Simple Things to Improve Curb Appeal

Well, as we know, the weather has been a little bit all over the place, but many of us are getting some of  those outdoor projects done before the more permanent summer heat bears down on us.

​And we wonder: What are the most important things that can boost curb appeal and higher perceived home value?  Well, I’m going to give you some simple pointers that won’t break the bank.

​1. Your Mailbox 

Yup.  If your mailbox looks old and icky, that’s one of the first things that makes an impression.     Solution:  A can of Rustoleum Spray Paint for around 5 bucks can give that sucker an instant face lift.  I picked Rustoleum in Red for mine because it is easy for my visitors and clients to find me when they are looking to where to turn into my driveway (I’m on a busy road!)  And, while you are at it, you can easily paint the post white and put some simple day lilies that can hold up to the heat right there around the mail box.

2.  Freshen up your mulch 

Old mulch can look sparse and tired.  Somthing else – Some of the trends are even going to more rocks instead of mulch with lovely plants in the midst of them, and I’m okay with that.  Either way, be sure to weed.  Best time to weed?  After a good rain.  Something  called Weed and Feed can help grow what you want, and eliminate what you don’t want.  Simple, right?

​3. Fresh Paint on your front door

  Gloss black (SW Tricorn Black), a classic blue, or a great red can add higher perceived value to your home.   Freshly painted shutters can add value, also.

4. Simple plants and flowers to freshen up

  Add a happy garden flag, and a potted bright,cheery plant on your front steps, and it just screams “WELCOME!”  I just bought these begonias (below) from Home Depot and it makes me happy 🙂

5.   Trim Your Bushes 
I walk my neighborhood a lot – and often, I see homes where it looks like either a security issue where you can’t even see out the windows as to who is coming to your door, or it just plain looks uncared for.  Trimming bushes back can really give your home a facelift.  
Well, that’s about it.  Keeping it short and simple, because I’m off to another project!   By the way, let me know if you need help with a summer refresh in your home!  I even do working consultations where we can come up with a simple plan on the spot to get your home freshened up!
Happy Summer!