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Five things to create a feeling of “Home”! My short, sweet, and sassy tips. From my heart to yours!

Five things to create a feeling of “Home”! My short, sweet, and sassy tips. From my heart to yours!

Hey there! 

With Groundhog Day behind us, and a “prediction” for an early spring, many of us are itching to get some of those glorious home projects done.  If you are thinking of selling, oftentimes people look ahead six months to 5 or 10 years planning what needs to be done and make the best investments if they are selling.   So, no matter if you are selling or dwelling, these tips can apply and help you!

Source: Sherwin Williams

With Valentine’s Day in mind here ya go…   A home should feel really special, to the owner, if staying, and to the buyer, if buying.  The difference is, if you’re considering selling, you need to consider how the home looks from a buyer’s perspective and change some things.

  1. PAINT COLOR is one thing that can send a buyer running the other way, or enticing them to move right in. Color is very emotional.  And remember, there is a big difference between paint color if you are staying and paint color for selling.   Paint is money in a can, but you must know best color choices to appeal to those buying in your area.  A huge color “blooper” can be the wrong kitchen, dining room, den, or bedroom color, resulting in either better offers on a home for sale, or lower offers if the color is a turnoff.

No matter what, you don’t want your home to look like a Rubix Cube… too many different colors going on.    Here’s a great article on color for staging.

  1. CURB APPEAL.  Every day, I drive by homes that for just a little bit of elbow grease or hiring out someone, there are certain easy fixes such as overgrown bushes that are too tall for the windows.  Faded shutters, front doors and junk on the front area of the home can lower your home’s values.
  2. LAYOUT AND FLOW. Oftentimes, when I come into a client’s home where I’ve been hired to do a prep to sell walkthrough of their occupied home, I can help them “create real estate within their real estate” by moving some furniture around, editing some pieces, and it’s amazing the difference!

But…..if you are in your home and are not selling, there may be some pieces of furniture that you really don’t need anymore, the kids aren’t going to want to inherit them, and they are just taking up space.  Getting a friend to help you make decisions on some of this can make these decisions easier.

4. CLEAN LINES AND HEART-WARMING VIGNETTES This does not mean a home has to have a hospital feel, yes, if you are selling, take down those personal pics, and whether selling or not….get rid of the “junk” areas, and setting out a tray with a plant or some lovely candlesticks grouped can take a rather hectic feel down to a wonderful emotional connection.   I have found that I love many things, but after editing books, clothing, and other belongings, that hanging on to my absolute favorites make them more special with less “stuff,” and less maintenance also!

Updating lights and fixtures can be a game changer for your home, whether it’s your kitchen cabinets, or your light fixtures.  Be sure you don’t get something toooo trendy, but something that will elevate your home.  I’m attaching a before and after pic of one of my previous clients foyer.  Please forgive the fact that the fixture was a bit cut off in the pics, but they had this AMAZING home and that little light in their foyer just wasn’t working to elevate that space.  With some recommended updates, they were able to list their home for over $40,000 more.  Isn’t that crazy?

There are some great ways I can help, either virtually or in person!  From tips and tricks and best paint colors to elevate your home, many times you can add more equity and value to your home by getting the right help and investing in the right things.  Have a grrreat February!    Helping you live your best life intentionally,



Warm and Cozy – Yummm…..

Warm and Cozy – Yummm…..

As the weather really starts turning colder now, I start thinking more of indoor activities and spending more time inside, don’t you?

All the comforts of home come to mind when we think about staying inside more. Comfort food, warm drinks, cozy spots to nestle in and relax at the end of a hard day are what we long for.

The thought of comfort becomes even more enticing as we realize we want those things of comfort surrounding us to have texture, softness, visual coziness, and great scents. Warm coffee and cider, lightly scented candles, soft throws, and yummy pillows give us those fantastic reasons to want to be at home more.

All the comforts of home come to mind when we think about staying inside more. Comfort food, warm drinks, cozy spots to nestle in and relax at the end of a hard day are what we long for.

When putting together those inviting spaces, think about what feels good, but also about simple visual beauty. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1)   Do I have a quiet place to unplug, possibly read, and have a good chair or place to sit with good lighting? Are the things I want to read nearby?

2)   Would creating a nice coffee/tea area help me in the mornings and in the evenings when I want to take a few minutes to regenerate myself at the end of the day or get my day started a little better (if it beats waiting in line at Starbucks)? Is this area visually appealing? 

3)   Do I have a few really nice soft furnishings to wrap myself in (i.e. velour or knit blankets and yummy pillows)? Do I have something like this on the foot of my bed so I can wind down a little better at night? I have found that shutting everything down and off an hour before going to sleep has helped me tremendously. I am back to reading a book every night, even if it’s for 15 minutes at a time. It’s great.  I’m also thinking about getting an old fashioned alarm now so my phone can be out of the room.

4)   Can I create areas for certain tasks so I don’t feel like stuff is everywhere?  For example, a mail station, a bill paying station, and a ukulele station (haha – yes, I keep it tucked away – up high from my little grandson). But I know where it is when I want to spend 15 minutes playing.

Anyway…..I hope you all are doing well, and I trust you are finding little nuggets of time in your own day to take care of you during this busy season.

“Designed to Live” has become a theme surrounding what I do to help others; I have enjoyed helping so many of you all with ideas, finding resources, and achieving your goals for your homes. 

May you enjoy your holidays as they are quickly approaching – remember to be in the moment as you go, and you’ll enjoy your season even more. Oh, and, here are a few more tips for you on unplugging!

Warm Regards,