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5 Easy Home Styling Tips

5 Easy Home Styling Tips

Hi My Friend!

Do you have a problem area in your home that maybe you just don’t have a great feeling about? Does it make you a little crazy?  So many folks I talk with are just stumped as to those problem areas in their home.   Does this happen to you?  Trust me, it even happens to me occasionally, and I have to keep it under control in my own home, as well! After all, I live in the real world, too!

I have even gotten clients who have lived in their home awhile, or just moved in, and their homes are just lovely, but once they get the furniture in the space, they just don’t know how to “finish” it.  This is why I love what I do!

Well, today I’m going to give a quick 5 Easy Room Styling Tips that can be helpful for you to move forward.  It’s up to you to use this advice (or not), but these are just some basic stepping stones to improve a space.

1.  If you have too much stuff, it can overwhelm

both you – and folks coming into the room.  If you have “collections” of things, pare them down, store some.  What happens is, when a person has so much, whether it’s on the kitchen island, or on shelves, it can overwhelm the mind, plus, your eye does not have ​a place to rest.  You can always rotate your pretties in and out 🙂

2.  Size (and placement) matters

SO often I see artwork that is too small, hung too high, or the frame doesn’t work well with the art.  “The Spruce” has a littl information that can be helpful for you for pointers on this matter.  Be sure to check out their site!  Also, eye level is best for art (the center of art should be at eye level unless you have a gallery wall).

3.  Symmetry Matters 

Often, there may be a space that isn’t symmetrical anyway, because a room layout may be a little odd.   Creating that balance for the eye can make even one awkward area seem SO much more cohesive and warm.  Sometimes, it’s like a void that needs filling if there is no balance or symmetry in a room.

4.  Stacking Heights

and groupings.  If you are putting your “pretties” on places such as the top of your bookshelf or your mantle, for example, have something taller on one side, with some other things with varying heights grouped around.  Often, groups of threes work really well.

5.  Good Flow 

If a room does not have good flow, it can feel cold and uninviting.  Having a good floor plan and layout can increase the value of your room, psychologically, because, of course, you will want to spend more time in there!

I offer services where I come in and assess what you have, see things with “fresh eyes,” help you properly place certain items, advise on clutter areas, pull from art and accessories you already have, and give you a customized list of things to shop for.   Sometimes, we can even accomplish certain actual tasks during the initial consult.

I hope you are doing well,  shoot me an email with YOUR problem area.  I love to hear from you, who knows…maybe YOUR dilemma may end up on my blog with some helpful pointers that everyone can learn from (only with your permission :).

ALSO, this month, I’m collecting birthdays (NOT YEARS) from my subscribers.  I like to celebrate with ya’ll by sending you birthday greetings!

Send me your birthdate via email, and I will enter you into a drawing for a $10 Starbucks Gift Card!  Drawing will take place on August 31.   If you are not on my email list, please let me know and I will add you!  My clients love receiving FREE home decor and staging tips!

Have a great rest of your summer, and be blessed, not stressed, my friend!

6 Things to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

6 Things to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Easter is just around the corner. With that in mind, I wanted to send you 6 ways that you can spruce up your home for spring!  Enjoy!

​1.  A Vase of White Flowers.  Added with a vignette, it brings a fresh, vibrant look to any space.  Add a touch of green, and it just screams “Fresh, New, Life!”

​2.  Little metal buckets.  Yep, that’s right. You can find these for $1 to $5 at Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart.  Put some artificial greenery in them, and a sweet ribbon around them, and voila! You have a farmhouse  or cottage-style vignette.

​3.  Propped Up Plates and Chalkboard Signs.  Pier One, Target, and Walmart can give you ideas for inspiration.  Or even just a beautiful blue plate propped up and beside it a small chalkboard saying.  Heck, you can even find an old frame that looks vintage and print out from Pinterest a chalkboard saying.  I’ve done this and it’s REALLY cute.

​4.  Wreaths.  Who says you have to put your wreath only on the OUTSIDE of your home?  Get one of those wreath hooks and hook it to a mirror, or use a suction cup with hook and put a green or eucalyptus wreath, or even an Easter or Spring Wreath.  Change out a pic that is hanging over a bed with a pretty wreath, and you have an instant room refresh!

​5.  A Tray.  Yep. Trays can be rotated or used year round.  Vintage style, or ones with a pop of color. You can put the cutest things in a tray.  You can put much of what I have already mentioned in a tray and add even more style!

​6.  Bunnies!  I love bunnies.  I have a few I keep out year-round, but I also add them in for the Spring and Easter festive look.

Well, folks, these are just some ideas to help you perk up your space.  You can add in chunky candlesticks, glass cloches with small items tucked away in there and stacked books to set your pretties on.  After all, Spring is about new life and fresh color! Have fun!


The Top 5 Neutral Paint Colors for Most Design Styles

The Top 5 Neutral Paint Colors for Most Design Styles

​Choosing paint colors can be overwhelming, right?  Standing at the paint store and looking at paint in their light, and then bringing home the paint chips that then, somehow, seem to change once you get them home.  How does one choose?

Well, believe it or not, even neutrals have undertones.  Yep, that’s right.  So, when you are choosing, you have to consider this.  You also may want to consider lighting, whats already in that space, what you are keeping, and what is going.  But to make it a little easier, I’m going to give you 5 top paint colors that are top pics for neutrals and they work well in the right space.

1.  The first paint color is SW 7012 Creamy which is a true creamy white.  It leans toward a warm white and can be used in homes where you perhaps have a historical look, a vintage look, or just need a more traditional feel.    Ideal for a kitchen or bathroom, you can paint cabinetry with it.  It really stands up against a pure white.    It really reminds me of “buttercream” as one client called it.   

​Photo credits:  Laurey A. Glenn     Southern Living ​

Greiges and Grays.  Grey has had its day in the home and still continues to thrive a bit here in the south,  but beige is the new trend moving forward, and so I’m putting both a few greys and greiges out here that seem to still be a favorite.

2.  SW 7029 Agreeable Grey.  This is a great grey that works well in a lot of spaces, and has enough balance to work in many spaces.  It can have a hint of a brownish undertone, but with any color you must get a sample and a test it.   

Photo Credit: HomeBunch

3.  SW 7015 Repose Grey.  This grey has a bit of a softer look, with a slightly brown-ish undertone.  It works well in so many spaces.  I even have it in my bathroom, and it looks so great against my white beadboard half wall. 

4.  Now that beige is definitely back,  Accessible Beige – SW 7036 is a great color that works well with so much, and it has a nice weight to it.  Take a peek at this lovely home that was painted entirely in Accessible Beige.  

5.  Kilim Beige – SW 6106 is a wonderful beige with a bit of brown, hint of orange.  It reflects light quite well.   Works well with non-yellowy wood tones.  The lighter wall behind sofa in this pic is Kilim Beige.

6.  Another favorite “neutral” with a bit of color – SW 6204 Sea Salt.  This is such a lovely soft color, and it truly makes any room more soothing place.  From bathrooms to bedrooms to living rooms, this color can lend itself to use of blues, wood tones, whites, and properly used mix of colors.   It looks great in living rooms, dining rooms, and just about any space.  ​This color is used a lot in staging homes and is received well by potential buyers.  It is truly timeless; I personally have Sea Salt in my bedroom and it relaxes me at night.

So, there you have it, ya’ll.  I hope you have found this helpful.  I love great choices, and reducing overwhelm in my life, and I really enjoy helping my clients select just the right paint color.  Contact me today to help select paint color for your home.  This is a service I can provide, whether locally or remotely and we can find a package that meets your specific needs.  


​5 Steps to Getting Organized for the New year

​5 Steps to Getting Organized for the New year

Hi my lovely Friends!

“Out with the Old, In with the New,” right?

Most of us are finishing putting away our Christmas and Holiday Decorations, but as we walk down that path,, we realize that we really….need…to…purge. Right?

Sometimes it’s easier said than done!

To be honest, we’ve been looking at the same old pile, or bookshelves, or cluttered area for so long, it’s like wasting existing real estate we really don’t know what to do with. Right?

So, as you are putting away your new clothes you got for Christmas, or putting away your decor and “stuff,” here are 5 easy steps for you to “unfreeze” your brain as to how and where to get ‘er done!

Don’t Let Your Clutter Stress You Out!

​1. Pick one or two areas to focus on 

Is there one area that’s making you crazy. Make a commitment and, well, GET STARTED. For me, my one area that I started on was my office bookshelf. It had become a pille of paint chips in a basket, catalogs from High Point Market, and misc disorganized printer paper.

2. Pull everything out 

Yep. Pull it all off the shelves, or out of the closet, or whatever. Make one big ugly pile.

3. Then make three piles 

You can do more, but for main focus, create a trash/recycle pile, a “put it back” pile, and the donate or sell pile. Then organize the areas you need. How old is this stuff? Is there an expiration date or catalog date on stuff? I found a lot of my stuff was outdated. Yay! Pitch time.

4. Organize

Sort out what goes where. Only put back what you know you will need, be using, etc. Sort and put in baskets, containers, etc. LABEL what you can. For example, if it’s magazines, then, if you still want to refer back to them, purchase the vertical magazine holders, or get some nice looking colors to jazz up your space.

5. Put everything in its rightful place

Remember, containers and baskets can be your friend. Ta-Da!

Organized Spaces can Decrease Stress!

Unless you are slightly obsessed 

and everything in your life is always perfect, don’t stress. It becomes easier if, when you purchase something new, such as a clothing item, remove 1-2 items from your closet that you haven’t used or aren’t just madly in love with. That’s just an example. Or, just schedule an hour to tidy and purge here and there. I just ripped apart one very frustrating kitchen utensil drawer!

Another tip/Example: If you have 50 antiques from Grandma’s, and you feel guilty getting rid of them, but you aren’t madly in love, gift them to someone who would love them, and keep one meaningful item.

Did you know? Clearing clutter can often decrease stress in your life?

Did you also know? Well-maintained and organized homes often bring more real and perceived value when you are trying to sell?

By the way, that one area I tackled in my own office area, plus clearing out some craft items to donate made my office area already look so much snazzier and roomier. How cool is that? I’ve also decided to get rid of as many paper bills as I can to save more trees and shrink that home paper pile!

Well, I hope that this January’s post will help you get through the winter blues by realizing that we can all have at least one area that we can look at that makes up happy.  Let me know if I can help!  


Make a Splash This Summer!

Make a Splash This Summer!

​As I am thinking about July 4th, the thoughts of freedom come to mind. and I am so very grateful.

But on a lighter note… the words “sizzle,” and a lot “splash” come to mind… and how we can apply these words to our homes! Every room, every space has a need for impact.

Sometimes we have lived in a space so long — we don’t know how to have a space that can have impact.

Think about…when you first purchased your home, or moved into your new place. What architectural features spoke to you in your home? 

……Was it an archway, fireplace, or perhaps some built-in shelving? Or maybe you are thinking “My room doesn’t have a place for impact”…..but, ah yes…it does.

You just have to put on your detective eyes and see….

For example, my own kitchen window has an area that is just waiting to make a splash! When we first moved in, I just put up a vintage 1950’s white tablecloth on that window (with tulip borders) for the time being, seaming it up for the rod. But those two kitchen windows are kind of the soul for the kitchen. I don’t dislike what’s there, but I know I am going to soon have some colorful window treatments made for that area.  I can’t wait! It’s going to be like Christmas for me when I have those windows just singing to me! (I’ve also had my grown kids return to the nest for a short while,so many projects have been put on hold.) This one’s GOING to happen soon!

Maybe a favorite rug or styling a special area like built-ins…that anchors your space or an heirloom piece will help create impact and a bit of “sizzle!” in your home.

Often, I will go into someone’s home who has lived there awhile and walk through it with them and help them edit furniture and beloved belongings, and create those impact areas that will either help my client love their space, or help that home have a new and fresh appeal for potential buyers, if the home is being listed. It’s so much fun! It’s even more fun when I see my clients’ faces of delight!

So, with the Independence Day holiday approaching and some sizzling fireworks on the way, maybe you can think of something, either big or little that create a bit of impact in your own home. 

Here’s a great article with some extra impact tips (be sure to hit the arrow to the right to scroll) 

And feel free to take a peek at the Kelly Ripa fabrics JoAnn fabrics has! What a fun surprise (below is a sneak peek)!

So, with the Independence Day holiday approaching and some sizzling fireworks on the way, maybe you can think of something, either big or little that create a bit of impact in your own home. 

Call me this summer and let’s work together on creating a great space, tackling one area at a time! The best starting point is to….get started! Reach out! Ask me about my July 4th coupon!

Don’t forget to to follow me on Instagram! Happy Independence Day!

Valentine’s Day – Feelin’ the Love in Your Home

Valentine’s Day – Feelin’ the Love in Your Home

Happy Valentine’s Day!  – Hearts to You!

Today, as we all think of chocolate, candy, and flowers…well, really, for me, mostly, I think of chocolate, there are also some great loves we can have in our own homes.

Although most of us drool over the homes we see on HGTV and in magazines, there are some things we need to remember in our own homes that are critical to make them uniquely our own. 

As we are all incredibly different, there are places in our own homes that our areas of “love” can show — whether it is a love of art by local artists, your love for cooking, or a love of music, let it show in your home. When we put things in our homes that appeal to our senses, we have a smile on our face when we come home to them.

Select Some of Your Favorite Elements

I love elements of the outdoors such as pictures of animals and flowers in my own home, and classic blended with some French country/cottage. But my love for family, reading, music, and soft touches make me a little more relaxed, so when I am home, I feel secure when I can have easy storage. Simple white crockery and white antique pitchers give my family a peaceful feeling in the kitchen. I also have art from my grandmother I inherited that just seems to “belong” in my dining room.

​Create areas that give you a smile….love your home

That being said, if I can’t have a tad bit of mess mixed a little bit of organized, then I am a bit of a mess. So, I’m just saying – pick your areas that give you a smile, find an area or two you can create to feel more “organized,” and then, it’s ok.  Love your home. Take the time to slow down and “be” in the moment sometimes. 

I have a great respect for my clients when I consult with them for a design project; incorporating some of their “loves” into the design is what makes it so special. 

After all, most of those HGTV’s homes when you do the walk through – no one’s living in them …yet!  Create areas that give you a smile….love your home.
I hope you have a great rest of the week, enjoy something decadent today, and shoot me a message on what projects you are working on!  I love hearing from you all!