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Five things to create a feeling of “Home”! My short, sweet, and sassy tips. From my heart to yours!

Five things to create a feeling of “Home”! My short, sweet, and sassy tips. From my heart to yours!

Hey there! 

With Groundhog Day behind us, and a “prediction” for an early spring, many of us are itching to get some of those glorious home projects done.  If you are thinking of selling, oftentimes people look ahead six months to 5 or 10 years planning what needs to be done and make the best investments if they are selling.   So, no matter if you are selling or dwelling, these tips can apply and help you!

Source: Sherwin Williams

With Valentine’s Day in mind here ya go…   A home should feel really special, to the owner, if staying, and to the buyer, if buying.  The difference is, if you’re considering selling, you need to consider how the home looks from a buyer’s perspective and change some things.

  1. PAINT COLOR is one thing that can send a buyer running the other way, or enticing them to move right in. Color is very emotional.  And remember, there is a big difference between paint color if you are staying and paint color for selling.   Paint is money in a can, but you must know best color choices to appeal to those buying in your area.  A huge color “blooper” can be the wrong kitchen, dining room, den, or bedroom color, resulting in either better offers on a home for sale, or lower offers if the color is a turnoff.

No matter what, you don’t want your home to look like a Rubix Cube… too many different colors going on.    Here’s a great article on color for staging.

  1. CURB APPEAL.  Every day, I drive by homes that for just a little bit of elbow grease or hiring out someone, there are certain easy fixes such as overgrown bushes that are too tall for the windows.  Faded shutters, front doors and junk on the front area of the home can lower your home’s values.
  2. LAYOUT AND FLOW. Oftentimes, when I come into a client’s home where I’ve been hired to do a prep to sell walkthrough of their occupied home, I can help them “create real estate within their real estate” by moving some furniture around, editing some pieces, and it’s amazing the difference!

But…..if you are in your home and are not selling, there may be some pieces of furniture that you really don’t need anymore, the kids aren’t going to want to inherit them, and they are just taking up space.  Getting a friend to help you make decisions on some of this can make these decisions easier.

4. CLEAN LINES AND HEART-WARMING VIGNETTES This does not mean a home has to have a hospital feel, yes, if you are selling, take down those personal pics, and whether selling or not….get rid of the “junk” areas, and setting out a tray with a plant or some lovely candlesticks grouped can take a rather hectic feel down to a wonderful emotional connection.   I have found that I love many things, but after editing books, clothing, and other belongings, that hanging on to my absolute favorites make them more special with less “stuff,” and less maintenance also!

Updating lights and fixtures can be a game changer for your home, whether it’s your kitchen cabinets, or your light fixtures.  Be sure you don’t get something toooo trendy, but something that will elevate your home.  I’m attaching a before and after pic of one of my previous clients foyer.  Please forgive the fact that the fixture was a bit cut off in the pics, but they had this AMAZING home and that little light in their foyer just wasn’t working to elevate that space.  With some recommended updates, they were able to list their home for over $40,000 more.  Isn’t that crazy?

There are some great ways I can help, either virtually or in person!  From tips and tricks and best paint colors to elevate your home, many times you can add more equity and value to your home by getting the right help and investing in the right things.  Have a grrreat February!    Helping you live your best life intentionally,



​5 Steps to Getting Organized for the New year

​5 Steps to Getting Organized for the New year

Hi my lovely Friends!

“Out with the Old, In with the New,” right?

Most of us are finishing putting away our Christmas and Holiday Decorations, but as we walk down that path,, we realize that we really….need…to…purge. Right?

Sometimes it’s easier said than done!

To be honest, we’ve been looking at the same old pile, or bookshelves, or cluttered area for so long, it’s like wasting existing real estate we really don’t know what to do with. Right?

So, as you are putting away your new clothes you got for Christmas, or putting away your decor and “stuff,” here are 5 easy steps for you to “unfreeze” your brain as to how and where to get ‘er done!

Don’t Let Your Clutter Stress You Out!

​1. Pick one or two areas to focus on 

Is there one area that’s making you crazy. Make a commitment and, well, GET STARTED. For me, my one area that I started on was my office bookshelf. It had become a pille of paint chips in a basket, catalogs from High Point Market, and misc disorganized printer paper.

2. Pull everything out 

Yep. Pull it all off the shelves, or out of the closet, or whatever. Make one big ugly pile.

3. Then make three piles 

You can do more, but for main focus, create a trash/recycle pile, a “put it back” pile, and the donate or sell pile. Then organize the areas you need. How old is this stuff? Is there an expiration date or catalog date on stuff? I found a lot of my stuff was outdated. Yay! Pitch time.

4. Organize

Sort out what goes where. Only put back what you know you will need, be using, etc. Sort and put in baskets, containers, etc. LABEL what you can. For example, if it’s magazines, then, if you still want to refer back to them, purchase the vertical magazine holders, or get some nice looking colors to jazz up your space.

5. Put everything in its rightful place

Remember, containers and baskets can be your friend. Ta-Da!

Organized Spaces can Decrease Stress!

Unless you are slightly obsessed 

and everything in your life is always perfect, don’t stress. It becomes easier if, when you purchase something new, such as a clothing item, remove 1-2 items from your closet that you haven’t used or aren’t just madly in love with. That’s just an example. Or, just schedule an hour to tidy and purge here and there. I just ripped apart one very frustrating kitchen utensil drawer!

Another tip/Example: If you have 50 antiques from Grandma’s, and you feel guilty getting rid of them, but you aren’t madly in love, gift them to someone who would love them, and keep one meaningful item.

Did you know? Clearing clutter can often decrease stress in your life?

Did you also know? Well-maintained and organized homes often bring more real and perceived value when you are trying to sell?

By the way, that one area I tackled in my own office area, plus clearing out some craft items to donate made my office area already look so much snazzier and roomier. How cool is that? I’ve also decided to get rid of as many paper bills as I can to save more trees and shrink that home paper pile!

Well, I hope that this January’s post will help you get through the winter blues by realizing that we can all have at least one area that we can look at that makes up happy.  Let me know if I can help!  


Five Fabulous Fall Tips!

Five Fabulous Fall Tips!

Can you feel it? The twinge of fall is HERE! I’m just loving those Indian Summer days….Everyone’s getting excited about it,, too! Football, apples, more indoor activities…harvest parties and outdoor activities…

As we scurry like squirrels getting our nests ready for cooler weather….I just wanted to pass along a few great tips to help your home look great, and increase its value and perceived value as well. Get ready for fall……ya’ll… And if you are a realtor and want to forward this info to your clients, feel free!

​1. Paint. Your. Shutters 

Paint is like a facelift in a can, right?  You won’t believe, how many times I walk my neighborhood each week and take look at the neighbors’ homes and yards. Not saying mine is perfect……but, you won’t believe it.  So many homes look really tired .   

Why? Because their shutters either are faded, or never had the right pop of color to begin with. But, mostly because of the fading from our hot southern sun.  So, even boosting that curb appeal is important. A great coat of Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black in outdoor paint is a great black to go with. You may need to paint your front door, too. That sun can be brutal on your exteriors!

​​2. Bring the outdoors in

 Ha Ha – I don’t mean, bring in your bushes and trees…..but… with some touches of green, and maybe a hint of fall, just some classy touches. Even a boxwood wreath hung on a mirror, or a grouping of 3 birch wood style candles can cozy up your space.

3. New Light fixtures 

Really? Yes, Really. No matter how long you are staying in your home, updating light fixtures can bring instant increased value to your home.  It’s those details that can really update your space and give a fantastic “wow” factor. I’ve been in a lot of homes, and believe me, the longer folks have lived in them, the less they are able to see the need for those upgrades. I love helping people with details such as this.

4. Insulate Yep

Have you checked your insulation lately? Sounds like going to the dentist, and checking for plaque, right? So exciting. I know.

I know it’s not HGTV exciting, but, making sure your home is well insulated can add more value to your home, PLUS save you hundreds each year. in your heating and cooling expenses. Not glamorous, but when it translates to MONEY, then it becomes SUPER GLAM. Right? Our very own home, which we purchased as our “downsized” jewel, never had proper insulation, and so, taking care of this will bring more value, both in $$ signs and in staying warmer and cooler.

​5. Weatherproof and stain your deck 

As the weather is getting a bit cooler, if you have a wooden deck, now is the timeto get the protective coat of stain/weatherproofing for your deck. Be sure to read the back of the can for time between coats and temp recommendation.

After we did the deck, it added 10 years to the life of our home – I’m not kidding. We bought a great product – Behr Semitransparent Waterproofing Stain and Sealer and it really renewed the wood and protects it. We LOVE Home Depot!

Here’s the after (left). By the way, I would love feedback on what topics you lovely email folks want to hear more about. Send me a one liner through email, and let me hear from you! I would love to help you get your home “figured out” before the COLD hits!



Make a Splash This Summer!

Make a Splash This Summer!

​As I am thinking about July 4th, the thoughts of freedom come to mind. and I am so very grateful.

But on a lighter note… the words “sizzle,” and a lot “splash” come to mind… and how we can apply these words to our homes! Every room, every space has a need for impact.

Sometimes we have lived in a space so long — we don’t know how to have a space that can have impact.

Think about…when you first purchased your home, or moved into your new place. What architectural features spoke to you in your home? 

……Was it an archway, fireplace, or perhaps some built-in shelving? Or maybe you are thinking “My room doesn’t have a place for impact”…..but, ah yes…it does.

You just have to put on your detective eyes and see….

For example, my own kitchen window has an area that is just waiting to make a splash! When we first moved in, I just put up a vintage 1950’s white tablecloth on that window (with tulip borders) for the time being, seaming it up for the rod. But those two kitchen windows are kind of the soul for the kitchen. I don’t dislike what’s there, but I know I am going to soon have some colorful window treatments made for that area.  I can’t wait! It’s going to be like Christmas for me when I have those windows just singing to me! (I’ve also had my grown kids return to the nest for a short while,so many projects have been put on hold.) This one’s GOING to happen soon!

Maybe a favorite rug or styling a special area like built-ins…that anchors your space or an heirloom piece will help create impact and a bit of “sizzle!” in your home.

Often, I will go into someone’s home who has lived there awhile and walk through it with them and help them edit furniture and beloved belongings, and create those impact areas that will either help my client love their space, or help that home have a new and fresh appeal for potential buyers, if the home is being listed. It’s so much fun! It’s even more fun when I see my clients’ faces of delight!

So, with the Independence Day holiday approaching and some sizzling fireworks on the way, maybe you can think of something, either big or little that create a bit of impact in your own home. 

Here’s a great article with some extra impact tips (be sure to hit the arrow to the right to scroll) 

And feel free to take a peek at the Kelly Ripa fabrics JoAnn fabrics has! What a fun surprise (below is a sneak peek)!

So, with the Independence Day holiday approaching and some sizzling fireworks on the way, maybe you can think of something, either big or little that create a bit of impact in your own home. 

Call me this summer and let’s work together on creating a great space, tackling one area at a time! The best starting point is to….get started! Reach out! Ask me about my July 4th coupon!

Don’t forget to to follow me on Instagram! Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fall Ya’ll! – 8 Great TimeSaving Tips!

Happy Fall Ya’ll! – 8 Great TimeSaving Tips!

With the holiday season right around the corner, as much as most of us enjoy our family time, we can often feel helpless with the thought of keeping it together on the home front. As I was de-junking my garage this week (an ongoing project), the thought of fantastic timesavers popped into my mind to share with you all. When a home’s organization is a little more well-planned, you can save hours each year in gained time and energy. Also, homes that are organized and well-maintained also give greater perceived value overall. You can click my link from the Washington Post below to read more on this.  

1.  Hooks 

If you have a place in your home where you can put up a few hooks for things, this makes it so easy to just look, grab and run. Some rooms/hallways even have a space for cubbies/baskets. Taking a wooden bookshelf with square cubes can even be turned horizontally to create more organized space.  And for me, well, I’m “hooked” on hooks!

2. Everything needs a home

From drawers, closets, to baskets, storing things in their proper place at the end of the day can save time also.

3. Labels 

Buy a label maker, or, at best, tape index cards with item names onto pantry and office shelves, etc. From spare light bulbs and batteries, to pasta, to first aid kits, you can save time and money by knowing what is already on hand.

4. Keep “Staple” Items on Hand

For groceries, keep some basic soups, frozen veggies, rice, pasta, on your shelves at all times. It’s healthier than eating out, saves you time, and knowing that even if you are tired, you can pull a meal together quickly. 

5. Planning Ahead  

From putting reminders on your i-phone, fridge calendar and Google calendar, to making lunches/setting out clothes for the next day, mornings and days can be much more hassle free.


I hope this helps you all with some of the little things so that your home, and your life may be blessed with more simplicity.

I am SO excited that we are having another girls night out in October (men are welcome, too!), We will have refreshments, giveaways, tablescape ideas for the holidays, and some Chalk Paint quick talk! Smith & Co. is AWESOME!

Where: Smith & Co. Consigment Co. – 27284 Union Cross Road, Kernersville, NC (Shopping Center behind Burger King)
DateThursday, October 19th
Time: 5-8pm (floating)

Email me if you think you can come! And Happy Fall Y’all!

and, lastly,
Click here for Washington Post Link 🙂

Color Me….Confident!

Color Me….Confident!

Hi There!

Do you get excited and anxious all at the same time when deciding on a color scheme for your home or room?

Do you end up at the paint store staring at the choices for hours?

Do you wind up getting home with some samples and still can’t decide?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are not alone.

Some of words of the song “One Way or Another….gonna getcha getcha getcha” by Blondie comes to mind when I think of this decision-making game changer, and have to laugh a little.  Believe me, I’ve been there, too!  Feels like whatever decision you make, the results may “getcha getcha getcha!”

So, I’m going to help you by giving you a few basic tips.  Whether you are just sprucing up, or are getting ready to sell, these tips can give you a bit of help on the subject.

    1.  For painting your own space to your own tastepick something inspirational to draw from.  A gorgeous pillow.  A child’s piece of art, a Picasso print.  Whatever makes you happy.  Pull out some of those colors to work with.    Also, consider the emotion you would like to convey.  Happy?  Calm?  Beachy?  Once you’ve settled on these things, you might be surprised what you find to be easy for that next step.
    2. If you are looking at a “neutral” paint color, it’s still not truly neutral.  All paints have an undertone.   If you have the paint strip where the colors go from light to dark, look at the darkest on that strip to get an idea of what the base colors are.  Ask the paint experts at the paint counter if you still want clarification.
    3. Keep it flowing.   A home that is too chopped up with color can make it look …well, exactly that.  If you want different colors in different rooms, make sure they complement each other well.
    4. Lighting.  Lighting can make a room look heavenly, or well, from the otherworld.  I recently did a consult with a client and it was absolutely unbelievable that her living room and hallway looked like two different colors.  Way different.  And guess who the culprit was?  The lighting.   You may have to get samples of paint and see them on the wall during morning, noon, and dusk to really see how they look.  Consider the lighting. 
    5. Paint Samples Are Your Best Friend.  Your lighting changes throughout the day in your home, and lighting can vary in each room.  Get a few samples and look at them on the wall for a few days – morning, afternoon, dusk, etc.  You may be very surprised how the color can vary throughout the day.  This will help you decide.  If you get a lot of light, you may have to deepen the color for best results.
    6. Remember…have fun, don’t stress, and enjoy the process!  Color is everywhere, observe it for ideas…..you can learn a lot….there’s a great little booklet from Sherwin Williams called “Simply Color” that can also give you some great pointers….

If you are just updating your home, or looking to sell, be sure to align yourself with someone who knows what works.  Asking a lot of questions can be a great thing when it comes to color, as long as you are asking the right people.

Below I’ve posted a few tips on color choices, and colors that help sell homes.  Enjoy!  

*House Beautiful – Color Tips
*Zillow – Colors that can help sell homes
*Forbes Tips for colors that help sell homes for more!