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Color Consultations

Have you ever been to a Paint or Tile Store and Been Completely Overwhelmed?

​Choosing color and finishes indeed can be overwhelming!  Do you think — “Seriously, there are so many choices, I really don’t know where to start!” 

Or do you need help coordinating Tile, Paint, Flooring and more?  We understand and want to take the stress off of you.  Call us for a Paint & Color Consult.  Contact us so we can hear more about your needs and get you set up.   Don’t throw money away on wrong color choices.  Our packages can actually help you save​ money in the long run.  

Paint Consult – for up 2 two colors -$150 up to 1 hour*

Comprehensive Paint Consult for more areas – $300 for up to two hours*

Reach out to us through phone or text or email (be sure to leave phone number), no question is too small.  
*Additional fees may possibly apply if appt goes longer.   Travel fees may apply if beyond 35 miles.

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