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Do you get excited and anxious all at the same time when deciding on a color scheme for your home or room?

Do you end up at the paint store staring at the choices for hours?

Do you wind up getting home with some samples and still can’t decide?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are not alone.

Some of words of the song “One Way or Another….gonna getcha getcha getcha” by Blondie comes to mind when I think of this decision-making game changer, and have to laugh a little.  Believe me, I’ve been there, too!  Feels like whatever decision you make, the results may “getcha getcha getcha!”

So, I’m going to help you by giving you a few basic tips.  Whether you are just sprucing up, or are getting ready to sell, these tips can give you a bit of help on the subject.

    1.  For painting your own space to your own tastepick something inspirational to draw from.  A gorgeous pillow.  A child’s piece of art, a Picasso print.  Whatever makes you happy.  Pull out some of those colors to work with.    Also, consider the emotion you would like to convey.  Happy?  Calm?  Beachy?  Once you’ve settled on these things, you might be surprised what you find to be easy for that next step.
    2. If you are looking at a “neutral” paint color, it’s still not truly neutral.  All paints have an undertone.   If you have the paint strip where the colors go from light to dark, look at the darkest on that strip to get an idea of what the base colors are.  Ask the paint experts at the paint counter if you still want clarification.
    3. Keep it flowing.   A home that is too chopped up with color can make it look …well, exactly that.  If you want different colors in different rooms, make sure they complement each other well.
    4. Lighting.  Lighting can make a room look heavenly, or well, from the otherworld.  I recently did a consult with a client and it was absolutely unbelievable that her living room and hallway looked like two different colors.  Way different.  And guess who the culprit was?  The lighting.   You may have to get samples of paint and see them on the wall during morning, noon, and dusk to really see how they look.  Consider the lighting. 
    5. Paint Samples Are Your Best Friend.  Your lighting changes throughout the day in your home, and lighting can vary in each room.  Get a few samples and look at them on the wall for a few days – morning, afternoon, dusk, etc.  You may be very surprised how the color can vary throughout the day.  This will help you decide.  If you get a lot of light, you may have to deepen the color for best results.
    6. Remember…have fun, don’t stress, and enjoy the process!  Color is everywhere, observe it for ideas…..you can learn a lot….there’s a great little booklet from Sherwin Williams called “Simply Color” that can also give you some great pointers….

If you are just updating your home, or looking to sell, be sure to align yourself with someone who knows what works.  Asking a lot of questions can be a great thing when it comes to color, as long as you are asking the right people.

Below I’ve posted a few tips on color choices, and colors that help sell homes.  Enjoy!  

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