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1.    RE USE.  If there’s a way to re-use what you have. Do it.  Repair it, or “think outside the box” of how to use it. This eliminates excess purchasing.

2.    WAIT 24 HOURS:  If you see something you want, ask yourself if you really need it.  Waiting 24 hours to decide on that purchase will give you more time to decrease the emotion that comes with purchasing, and increase your logic over the purchase.

3.     FOR EVERY PURCHASE:  Get rid of one thing.  For each purchase you bring home, donate or sell one to two items.  One item in closet, one or two out, and so on.

4.     GO PAPERLESS – If you can set up your bill paying reminders in something like a Google spreadsheet, you can log on into your billing cycle to check and record that bill, lose the paper, and track your spending, etc.  Just make sure to send yourself reminders of the due date (a day or two early preferably :).

5.     DOES IT BRING JOY?  How many items in your home really bring you joy?  Or is it just clutter.   If you have a hard time weeding, recruit a friend to help you.  The less you touch it, the more likely you are to be able to let go of it.  If it’s a family heirloom and you really don’t use it or want it, pass it on to someone who really would love it.  Create 3 boxes:  Give away, keep, and donate.

Hope this helps!   We live in such a consumeristic society, more stuff brings more stress.  Wouldn’t you love to have less stress in your life?