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Designer for a Day!

If your budget doesn’t fit a full scale design package, this package may be just right for you.


    • You will get: 
    • *Your favorite complimentary Starbucks beverage brought to you for the meeting.
      ​*Personalized attention with a “pick-the-designer’s brain” for up to 3 hours in the comfort of your own home.  This includes discussing room problems, floor plan, paint color ideas, furniture ideas, accessories, lighting, etc.  Online selections/options will be discussed as well.


  • *Patricia will then go back to her design studio and put together a comprehensive “Just-For-You” gifted package and VIP Portfolio that will include a summary of suggestions discussed, paint samples, floor plans key to your selections, a miniature paint fan deck, and helpful tips regarding steps you may need, pictures, and a  “surprise gift.”  

​*   You also may follow up with Patricia in a 15-min quick follow up phone chat for any additional questions you may have.

*   You will have your “Just-For-You” package (your very own portfolio) delivered for you via Priority Mail to put together your ideas and implement them yourself within 3-5 business days of initial in-home meeting.

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We will call you within 24 hours to book your appointment.

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