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Q:  How Do you Work as a Designer and ReDesigner?

A:  First of all, each project is different, and the best place to start is by setting up a complimentary 15-minute discovery call. Are you just stuck? Have a vision, but don’t know how to implement?

Many of  our clients are just everyday people who have finally decided they need change, assistance, less stress in their homes or help  in narrowing ideas down (hence – calling us for help).    In Redesign, we typically use some of what our clients already have, and freshen it up with some new things.  Result:  Happy Happy people (our favorite part).

Stress is created by mental clutter. Let’s chat about how to reduce your stress and create a plan that works for your vision and budget.

Q:  How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

A:   The investment in home staging can vary depending on whether the home is vacant, owner occupied, etc.. A phone call or setting up an in-home consultation is the often best place to start.

For every $100 spent on re-packaging a property to make it more visually appealing to buyers using the proper tools, an average of $400 is the ROI (Return on Investment). Gorgeous photos help determine the buyer traffic your home will see.

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