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Can you feel it? The twinge of fall is HERE! I’m just loving those Indian Summer days….Everyone’s getting excited about it,, too! Football, apples, more indoor activities…harvest parties and outdoor activities…

As we scurry like squirrels getting our nests ready for cooler weather….I just wanted to pass along a few great tips to help your home look great, and increase its value and perceived value as well. Get ready for fall……ya’ll… And if you are a realtor and want to forward this info to your clients, feel free!

​1. Paint. Your. Shutters 

Paint is like a facelift in a can, right?  You won’t believe, how many times I walk my neighborhood each week and take look at the neighbors’ homes and yards. Not saying mine is perfect……but, you won’t believe it.  So many homes look really tired .   

Why? Because their shutters either are faded, or never had the right pop of color to begin with. But, mostly because of the fading from our hot southern sun.  So, even boosting that curb appeal is important. A great coat of Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black in outdoor paint is a great black to go with. You may need to paint your front door, too. That sun can be brutal on your exteriors!

​​2. Bring the outdoors in

 Ha Ha – I don’t mean, bring in your bushes and trees…..but… with some touches of green, and maybe a hint of fall, just some classy touches. Even a boxwood wreath hung on a mirror, or a grouping of 3 birch wood style candles can cozy up your space.

3. New Light fixtures 

Really? Yes, Really. No matter how long you are staying in your home, updating light fixtures can bring instant increased value to your home.  It’s those details that can really update your space and give a fantastic “wow” factor. I’ve been in a lot of homes, and believe me, the longer folks have lived in them, the less they are able to see the need for those upgrades. I love helping people with details such as this.

4. Insulate Yep

Have you checked your insulation lately? Sounds like going to the dentist, and checking for plaque, right? So exciting. I know.

I know it’s not HGTV exciting, but, making sure your home is well insulated can add more value to your home, PLUS save you hundreds each year. in your heating and cooling expenses. Not glamorous, but when it translates to MONEY, then it becomes SUPER GLAM. Right? Our very own home, which we purchased as our “downsized” jewel, never had proper insulation, and so, taking care of this will bring more value, both in $$ signs and in staying warmer and cooler.

​5. Weatherproof and stain your deck 

As the weather is getting a bit cooler, if you have a wooden deck, now is the timeto get the protective coat of stain/weatherproofing for your deck. Be sure to read the back of the can for time between coats and temp recommendation.

After we did the deck, it added 10 years to the life of our home – I’m not kidding. We bought a great product – Behr Semitransparent Waterproofing Stain and Sealer and it really renewed the wood and protects it. We LOVE Home Depot!

Here’s the after (left). By the way, I would love feedback on what topics you lovely email folks want to hear more about. Send me a one liner through email, and let me hear from you! I would love to help you get your home “figured out” before the COLD hits!