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Happy Independence Day!
I hope that you will be enjoying some relaxing time off for July 4th as we celebrate our great Country!

Relax.  Refresh, and Reflect.  I hope you will be able to do some of this…

…I was just reflecting on the fact that last year my hubby and I were moving into our new home, so it was a busy fourth of July!  It was stressful, but wonderful, all at the same time.  Moving closer to be near my mom who has Alzheimer’s was worth it.  

I know many of you are also probably in the middle of projects, whether you are a home seller or home dweller. Even my fabulous realtors are juggling many projects at one time…

So, I just wanted to let you know…. if you like having that “go-to” person to help with getting things done faster, such as getting your home ready to sell, selling it, moving in, moving out, downsizing, or just creating a relaxing space that you want to love, I’m here for you.  My favorite thing is seeing clients’ reactions to the results in having a professional “friend” help them git ‘er done!   If you are asking yourself “how can I get this done?” or “how can I get the most money for my home?” or “how do I coordinate this project?” – reach out!

As I sign off, here’s a few July 4th decorating tips – some are really fast and easy!  Enjoy and happy 4th!   Easy July 4th Tips