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Happy Thanks-Living!

Did you suddenly wake up this week and realize that, “Wow! Thanksgiving’s next week!” I kind of did.

Are you ready? I’m ready because….well,, for a nice change, I’m not hosting it! And I only have to bring a few side dishes! Yaaay! How about you?

Anyway, with the busyness of life and sometimes wondering how to keep it all “under control,” I know I really have to make sure to think more about intentional living. And contentment. And, of course, being thankful.

As much as I love bringing fresh beauty to homes, in the middle of all the “to do” lists, I love even more when I remember to stop – and take a moment – and close out all the distractions and just be in the moment. And I love it when I see other people doing it as well. 

So many times we are distracted by cell phones, social media, and our never ending to-do lists that time just slips by. We miss out on making memories.

Recently, when staying at a friend’s house, the most lovely things I noted in her home were: The sweet basket full of children’s books in a corner of the house, her hand-painted chalkboard wall in the kids’ play area, and seeing this young mom turn off the t.v. each night, ignore everything else, and just read to her children. 

I also saw on “Fixer Upper” that Chip and Joanna Gaines’ new restaurant has a basket at each table for people to put their cell phones in while they eat in order to for more connectivity between family and friends. I love it.

With the ever increasing trend in our society toward more and more consumerism, I have found for myself anyway, that, well, less is more. And in order to live more intentionally, I shop less, focusing on what I really need, and the things and furnishings I strive to invest in now bring more timeless quality when making purchases for my own home. It’s in the simple things we find true beauty, and even in simple décor we can get out of the “frenzy” and focus less on the crazy!

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving, and if want to be a little more “intentional,” be sure to reach out to those who may not have what you do this time of year.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

​Love You All!