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6 Great Coastal Paint Colors

Hi Friend!

I hope your summer has been just BEACHY!

This month I wanted to share with you some TERRIFIC Coastal colors. It was hard to just pick SIX, but I was trying to keep things brief. A lot of these colors we used in our own beach condo because, well, they work SO WELL with so much! I may eventually do another blog post with brighter beach colors, but these below are great for neutral ideas.

Also, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me as I LOVE helping people just like you solve their color selection dilemmas.

So here are 6 GREAT Coastal Colors for you to enjoy! Please note, they may appear different on your screen than on the actual paint swatch!

SW 6204 Sea Salt This color is so relaxing and soothing. It makes for a great backdrop, and with a LRV (light reflective value) of 64, it’s light, but not as light as a tinted white, which most whites to run in the 80’s for LRV. It is a slightly muted blue-green-grey, and with our large open area on the main floor and the balcony type thing where the loft is, we just ran the color up the tall walls and across those areas. It was perfect. The lighting here was mostly late afternoon, so you can't really see it in it's best form, but the color softens as the day wraps up. Our beach condo has to be somewhat renter friendly as we rent it out some so some things were repurposed in decor, and kept fairly simple, but fun!

Pics below you can click arrows to see more on the right and left

SW 7029 Agreeable Grey is what often is referred to as a “greige.” This color has an LRV of 60 and is in the “Neutral” section of the SW fan deck. It really offers such a lovely medium to light weight when seen on the walls. This was used in primary downstairs bedroom, upstairs hall, and the loft area. I was so happy with this.

SW 7570 Egret White. All but the primary bedroom in the condo were Egret white because well, as much as I loved the SW Agreeable Grey, I was afraid that with the bedrooms not getting quite as much light as the open areas, I wanted something that looked very much like the Agreeable Grey, but lighter. It’s in the “Neutral” section on the fan deck with an LRV of 84. Although on the fan deck strip, it doesn’t show to be one shade lighter, between me and my terrific SW Store Manager, it landed on such a close match to be a shade lighter that it worked. The actual next shade lighter on the old fan deck was TOO white. So I always remember ”No Regret Egret” lol.

SW 6190 Filmy Green. This color was a great compliment with the other colors, so it went into the powder room. Eventually, some better wall art will go in there, but it’s a nice soft green with an LRV of 64 (again, in the Neutral section of the SW Fan deck). I could have easily run the Sea Salt into the powder room, but I wanted to break it up a bit without looking too choppy and this worked wonderfully. Tying colors together with art is sort of like a magic trick you can do! The lighting in this bathroom was not great, so please forgive the quality of the pic.

SW 6218 Tradewind is a delightful color, and we chose to put that in the primary bathroom (I didn't get a great pic of ours, so I posted this one above), but this color would look great just about anywhere. This lovely blue color has a LRV of 61, has a hint of green, and I even have it on my kitchen island at my home. It is a very calming color. Clean, simple style is my vibe, and our beach property is being rented out some, so I really wanted more of a no-fuss style (hence, no wallpaper). While it is not the truest of blues in color clarity, it is more crisp a color than SW Sea Salt, and I don’t think you could pick a bad place to put it! By the way, I also LOOVE my Coretec floor I had installed in the kitchen (below). It is a very COMFY floor to stand on!

SW 6626 - Sunset With a LRV of 39. I basically put this orange color in - not specifically for paint colors, but to show you that you can add a “pop” of color in rooms with throw pillows, perhaps in an accent in a bathroom, a throw (see the Primary bedroom pic) or blended into window treatments or in a piece of art. As you can see in one of the bedroom pictures, and a living room accent pillow, just some fun touches can help you mix it in around the home. Its how add the extra color that counts.

Art and accessories can really make a space seem more cohesive, bring in extra color, plus sticking to your basic palette colors can really help a home feel more unified.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, and feel free to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with what's going on in my world and client projects! And, in case you didn't know, I have a Youtube channel! I'd love it if you could like and subscribe for more great tips!

Happy end of summer!


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