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6 Great Neutral Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors can be overwhelming, right? Standing at the paint store and looking at paint in their light, and then bringing home the paint chips that then, somehow, seem to change once you get them home. How does one choose?

Well, believe it or not, even neutrals have undertones. Yep, that's right. So, when you are choosing paint, you have to consider lighting, what’s already in that space, what you are keeping, and what is going. But to make it a little easier, I'm going to give you 6 top paint colors that are great pics for neutrals and they work well in the right space.

1. The first paint color is SW 7012 Creamy which is a true creamy white. It leans toward a warm white, and can be used in homes where you perhaps have a historical look, a vintage look, or just need a more traditional feel. Ideal for a kitchen or bathroom, you can paint cabinetry with it. It really stands up against a pure white. It really reminds me of "buttercream" as one client called it. The room below is very much like the color Creamy.

Greiges and Grays. Grey has had its day in the home and still continues to thrive a bit here in the south, but beige and white and cream is the new trend moving forward, and so I'm putting both a few greys and greiges out here that seem to still be a favorite.

2. SW 7029 Agreeable Grey. This is a great grey that works well in a lot of spaces, and has enough balance to work in many spaces. It can have a hint of a brownish undertone, but with any color you must get a sample and a test it.

3. SW 7015 Repose Grey. This grey has a bit of a softer look, with a slightly brown-ish undertone. It works well in so many spaces. I even have it in my bathroom, and it looks so great against my white beadboard half wall.

4. Now that beige is definitely back, Accessible Beige - SW 7036 is a great color that works well with so much, and it has a nice weight to it. Take a peek at this lovely home that was painted entirely in Accessible Beige.

5. Kilim Beige - SW 6106 is a wonderful beige with a bit of brown, hint of orange. It reflects light quite well. Works well with non-y

ellowy wood tones. The lighter wall behind the sofa in this pic is Kilim Beige.

6. Another favorite "neutral" with a bit of color - SW 6204 Sea Salt. This is such a lovely soft color, and it truly makes any room a more soothing place. From bathrooms to bedrooms to living rooms, this color can lend itself to use of blues, wood tones, whites, and properly used mix of colors. It looks great in living rooms, dining rooms, and just about any space. ​This color is used a lot in staging homes and is received well by potential buyers. It is truly timeless; I personally have Sea Salt in my bedroom and it relaxes me at night.


So, there you have it, ya'll. I hope you have found this helpful. I love great choices, and reducing overwhelm in my life, and I really enjoy helping my clients select just the right paint color. Contact me today to help select paint color for your home. This is a service I can provide, whether locally or remotely and we can find a package that meets your specific needs.


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