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Comfort and Joy

Hi Friend!

As we are bustling about for the holiday(s), we have yet come to the end of another challenging year, I believe very strongly that many of us have perhaps reevaluated the “important” things -- in life- what’s precious, what we need or want in our homes, and also, how we regard others.

It is also with gratitude that I am thankful for you, my wonderful clients, family, friends and abundant life. You all have been so sweet, fun, and so great to work with.

As we reflect back on the uncertainty of ever-changing rules, health concerns, lack of constancy, and hearing words, like “sorry, we just don’t have ….” , (you know Pandemic retail talk), I’m sure many of you have worked harder than ever to bring more comfort, depth and meaning into your homes.

The things we wrap our own selves in, the things we look at, the things that have significance, those are the things that we want to come home to, and hopefully, be able to block out some of the other “noise.”

Some of the trends I have seen return to homes and design are: Needlepoint, wallpaper, a more curated look over the “store bought” everything look, and remembrance of people and special events in framed art.

I think that perhaps “Grandmillenial” style - also known as “Granny Chic” -was born, out of a craving for comfort, things from the past, etc. but also, the need for color and texture has surfaced even more as continue to spend more time in our own spaces due to Covid and working from home.

What cherished items have you incorporated into your home decor? I love to hear from you, and, I hope you don’t mind me sharing some of mine!

For example, I cherish my grandmother’s china she gifted me years ago, knowing she came from an era that had seen much poverty and sacrifice. Hers is the blue and white with the rose in the middle.

Something to cherish (vintage china above).

A framed piece of art from a grandchild….

A Treasured photo. Whimsical, or heirloom, these type of framed pieces can bring a smile to our faces. I have some farm animal art I love sprinkled throughout our home.

A Wooden Crate top (imperfections included) gifted to me from a “Kindertransport” play that meant a LOT. If you don’t know about Kindertransport - I encourage you to read up on it. (Here, I put some basic art inside the crate top).

Something from an event / something that tells a story.

A vintage chandelier gifted to me by a client - fits our cottage style home perfectly!

Something that brings out the best in your home’s style

The silver teapot my mom gave me for my birthday the year she already had gotten me another gift and had forgotten (2 gifts that year - a major win!). Mom passed away last year, so now it means even more. It looks great polished, but also I love the aged patina that speaks “I am NOT from a box store!!”

Something that evokes a tug on your heart.

You can create your own sense of “comfort” by looking at the things around you and bringing them to life.

So, in the process of designing, decorating, whether it be for every day, or some for the holidays, be sure to put out/feature some of those heritage items. It’s NOT all about HGTV - it should be about some things that are dear to your heart.

This year, I was able to talk hubby into a new flocked tree this year, and my antique ornaments look soo lovely. So are some of the cherished ornaments from those who are no longer with us.

I just wanted to share a pic of our new tree (I think it brings out the inner child in me).

Something that brings out your inner child

And before I forget, I wanted to just remind you that if you, or someone you know needs just some help for the home, my Designer By Your Side/Designer for a Day Services - budget friendly projects will get you a plan, a timeline, and a person (me) - and a beautifully completed project. Just for fun, feel free to take my Room Style quiz here, and I’ll be happy to give you a call to talk about your design challenge at no charge if you like!

So, this season, I wish you Love, Joy and Hope. Although my faith focus is on the Christ child and all the Love he brings to us, I wish you joy as you celebrate your special holidays.

I pray you will pass a blessing on to someone, and I wish you a wonderful and warm holiday season,


Your Intentional Living Designer


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