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Cozy Outdoor Spaces for Summer!

Hi friend!

Doesn't it always seem that we just shift into summer quickly? Don and I went away on an Alaskan Cruise, and when we left, it still felt like spring, and when we came back, we were full blown into summer!

I know with prices having gone up for some of our basic necessities, many of us are looking for some economic ways to create or spruce up outdoor areas, so I'm going to share with you some creative ideas!

  1. Here's something (below) where you just add some fun boho style soft goods to an outdoor swing. Pop a few lights around you (some may even be battery operated - so no cord stress!) A lightweight coffee table you could find at Home Goods, Walmart, or Amazon would probably be in a fairly decent price point!

2. You can create a garden inspired area. This is one of my favorite pics (below). I love how it incorporates the natural outdoor spaces with the cozy seating areas. Patio pavers with natural elements, some flower gardens (bulb plants are easy and low maintenance), along with the lights hanging from the poles make it just so inviting! A path or patio of slate stone is a great way to have a more natural look.

Outdoor dining can be fun! I remember - a few years ago, a friend of mine who loves gardening, but lives in a very small house, decided to entertain by putting a table in her driveway! It was like having dinner in a Martha Stewart moment. My friend April placed flowers from her garden as the centerpiece, lit some candles, and made a delicious meal for a small group of friends. It was wonderful! Although we didn't get any pics (sometimes it's good to just be in the moment), I will treasure the memory forever.

I did, however, find a great pic for inspiration. Heck, you can use a ping pong table (please - take the net down!), put card tables together, etc. Be creative! a pretty sheet, or even maybe a lovely shower curtain can serve as a tablecloth! Things don't have to exactly match, such as chairs, or tableware. The beauty is in the friends and the food! String lights here look like they are just wrapped around the trees.

Lights can come in all shapes and sizes!

Amazon has these great swaying solar garden lights! They remind me of fireflies.

So, instead of stressing, think about some things you may already have that you can add to, decide to create the ambiance you want, make sure any ground that you set chairs/tables on is leveled.

Planter pots are something you can move around seasonally, but you can put some out by your patio area with lavender or other flowers/plants in them.

String lights can really make an area even more amazing.

Lanterns with timed lights and/or battery candles can help enhance your space.

You can create more than one area so people can hang out in different zones.

Seasonal pillows, soft goods, or indoor/outdoor pillows are a great idea! Storable pillow covers require you to use less space.

I hope this helps -- and please - let me know what outdoor projects you are working on - even if it's a small patio or balcony! I even like to hear about your vacations!

Don't forget - I'm here if you need help pulling together an indoor plan too! I have so much fun with people just like you!

Take care, and HAPPY SUMMER!


P.S. I hope to share some pics of our own outdoor space(s) in the next few weeks!


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