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EASY Redesign Projects UNDER $1,000

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Happy July 4th!

Redesign projects on a budget, Patricia Justice Designs

On this month’s blog, since we are all feeling the pain of inflation, I thought that NOW might be the time to post some great ideas for some budget home makeovers! Renewing and refreshing can bring a space to life and brighten your world in an emotional AND visual way!

First of all, try to envision how you’d like your space to function. What’s making you crazy about it? That’s a question I often ask my clients. This is one of the first steps to get a plan rolling!

Many times, for less than $500 or $1,000, amazing transformations can happen.

Simply put, just changing some small things can make a BIG difference. Here are the tips, followed by pics of some amazing transformations.

1. PAINT - If I haven’t said it before I'll say it again - Paint is money in a can. It can transform a space when you choose wisely.

2. ARCHITECTURAL INTEREST - Adding architectural interest can completely up level and redefine a space.

3. LIGHTING - Updating lighting can help remove a “time stamp” your room or ceiling may have on it!

4. RE-DEFINING AND REDESIGNING A ROOM. - Updating the purpose of a room in alignment of how you live can be life-changing!

First, I’ll share some some budget friendly updates I have done in my own home.

When we first moved into our “downsized” home, the dining room was RED. and I knew that was the first thing to change. I wanted to create more of a cottage vibe, so I chose a soft blue paint (a blue-grey), along with fresh white trim, and eventually...



. . . a new (repainted) vintage chandelier. Eventually, we will get rid of the popcorn ceiling, but the change to this dining room really reflected the style and bones of the home. The cost for this was for 2 gallons of blue paint and 1 gallon of white, plus the FREE chandelier a client gifted me! I will also later maybe add a rug, get some fabric to recover the chair cushions, and repaint the buffet!

The below sunroom redesign was under $1,000. The investment was (see below)


in bead board paneling - see below (a more timeless version of “shiplap,” in my opinion), and I had my carpenter run it along one wall to give some visual interest. Paint also helped completely transform the look here! -I also installed some outdoor porch lights - indoors! - Also, being that my office is a combination office/sunroom off the pool area, I wanted some hooks to hang beach towels and other things. This made the room more functional.


I purchased indoor/outdoor fabric from JoAnn’s and actually used gold push pins to place on the boards above the windows. I did sew part of the window treatment.

Lastly, this moderate bathroom/laundry makeover was where originally you can see how dark this room looked. The ceilings were not very high in this one room, which made it feel VERY cave-like!



you can see the architectural addition of a chair rail and bead board. The cabinetry was painted black and some decorative knobs were added. Updates of lighting, mirror, and paint transformed this room. Eventually flooring and shower may be re-done - but even these changes really updated this small bathroom. The mirror was from Hobby Lobby. Typically, one would get a bathroom mirror that would be more moisture proof, but since it is mostly used for guests and laundry, this mirror works just fine!

Sooo, if you are now hooked on these budget updates, Apartment Therapy has even more you can read about here.

Remember, sometimes if you get overwhelmed, just make you list and do one baby step at a time! Sometime that first step involves calling me!

Have a wonderful holiday, and don’t forget about my sale! Reach out if you need a room re-do! I love helping with these projects!


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Patricia Justice Designs

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