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Encouragement and Tips for this time

Hi there,

I wanted to pop in on you and see if you are doing okay. I know these past few weeks have been challenging for everyone, and it almost feels as if we are suspended in time, doesn’t it? Our regularly scheduled lives have definitely been interrupted.

Although we know many are making HUGE sacrifices – our first responders, service providers, medical workers, and so on, it still can feel very scary for the rest of us as well. For example, my husband’s work has furloughed several employees, and company sales are down. Other folks cannot visit with their family. Maybe you have lost your job.

I know for me, well, if I dwell on it, I wonder things like “will I ever be able to see and hug my mother again?”  She has Alzheimer’s and of course that facility is on lockdown. I truly can understand those paralyzing emotions that come with these times. But, I wanted to send you a note of encouragement. Let’s be honest, some days can be harder than others, but I wanted to share some things that perhaps can help.

​1. Have some quiet time in the morning    Between my own spiritual quiet time and early morning walks, there is renewed hope during these moments. I find that praying for others keeps my mind off myself more.

2. Turn off the news  Yes, stay informed, but having the TV on all day every day can leave you feeling hopeless. I have had more music on lately and it’s a good thing.

3. Call one or two people every day or so Check on others, neighbors, etc. We are all in this together, and I know the calls I have received have actually made my day with each call I get.

4. Give Something

Send a card.  Gather food for food bank. Donate through churches or other outreaches so they can reach our community. I find even when I’m watching my own budget right now a little more, that I can add a few items to my grocery cart to donate. So many need it. You can also donate online to local food banks if that’s easier. Did you know that when you give, even a little, it helps lift your spirits? I love it!

5. Find an area of your home And see what you can do to create a fresher space by just re-arranging things. Maybe there’s a way to re-do something you already have! Or do some cleaning out. I have been setting a time for 15 minute slots to work on re-organizing and making “shred” piles, and donate piles. Trust me, it’s easier when you break it down.

6. Create something  It doesn’t matter if it’s not HGTV worthy, or whatever. Take a 15 minute drawing class on YouTube, or plant some seeds or something else.

Did you know you can plant things SUPER easy in your windowsill with just a tad of water every day and a seed or bulb?

Since I was already on a grocery run recently, I grabbed a few bags of plants/bulbs at Walmart entrance and figured I’d give it a shot. I saved money by doing this, and I’ll have some Hostas and Dahlia ready to plant soon! Hostas also come back every year. 

Here’s what the little Hosta sprouts look like:

7. Take a walk Something like this can help you recharge, get your stress levels down, and get you some Vitamin C! Truly!

8. Pull out some special dishes

Eat off of them to keep things a little more exciting, or find some cheer in each situation. I pulled out my grandma’s dishes at Easter, and I also saw on FB that some decided to put on their Easter outfits even if they couldn’t attend services. I’ve seen on the news where a girl was going around placing balloon at locations to cheer up others. 

I have found that during this worldwide pandemic we have found ourselves going back to simpler times. Being more resourceful. Families taking neighborhood walks. People reaching out to others. This part of the change is refreshing.

But, as I finish up this email to you, if you find yourself feeling really really alone, or feeling desperate, reach out to someone to just talk, or call me. Hey, if you want just a little bit of help with a space, call me! I don’t mind at all if you have a “This?”  or “That?” kind of question. I love helping my people figure things out. 

Consider yourself hugged. I hope this note will help you in some small way. I have enjoyed checking on others and hearing about them. I wanted to send you a virtual HUG! Call/text, or email, and let me know how you are doing. Warmly,


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