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Fall '23 High Point Market

Hi my friend!

You might be asking – what is High Point Market? High Point market is for Interior Designers who help find just the right unique items for their clients. It's also a way to see what's new!

I don’t always go each time it happens (bi-annually), but I do like to go and see what’s new, what’s trending, and get new ideas. We are also able to place orders on site, and speak with our brand reps. Why do I do this? BECAUSE...I love bringing unique "to the trade" pieces to my clients!

Some of the things I saw this fall at Market, and am also seeing in other places, are: more color, more moody colors, texture, earthy tones, and connection to nature.

I also attended a “Science and Design” symposium, and gleaned valuable information about creating spaces that can actually contribute to healing of a person. It was incredible! I imagine I've already been doing a lot of this, but now I have MORE information to help my clients.

So, if someone "poo-poos" the idea of interior design as being all “foo foo,” designers actually have more power, many times, to invoke a healing and restorative oasis, whether you are sick or well.

ANYWAY, Drum roll, are the pics you are waiting for (I took so many I could not possibly share them all!)

A lean into more masculine, leather, Ralph Lauren style, plaid, and the outdoors with a nod to the equestrian. In case you wondered, the sofa has a notched back to it (maybe company won't stay long that way - ha ha):

Notice the sofa with the "saddle buckle" on the side. Totally awesome!

And I just love the accessories - horsing around a little here.... :)

Plaid was everywhere . Love the green plaid chairs - can't you just picture yourself sitting by the fire in these? And better yet, they swivel!

Also, tapping into more “moody” vibes and color: We are definitely seeing warmer tones coming back, and I love it! Also, can you spy in the plaid chair pic something that has some of the design of the 1970's? Ok., ok, haha there's more than one.

This buttery leather sofa is so gorgeous. I love how the art ties in so well with something that looks so comfy and inviting.

As for moody and colorful vibes - isn't this room stunning? Yes, wallpaper is a HUGE thing now! All these jewel tones just draw you in.

This rug by Surya is notably different than traditional rugs. Look closely and you will see that the border is not symmetrical, but larger on one end.

Creative shapes, and curves: I am seeing more curves in sofas and furniture now more than ever. This seems to bring about more of a feel of cohesiveness, community, and psychological comfort. The combination of supple leather and the hex shaped coffee table gives the feel that an individual could "skooch up" a chair and add themselves into the "circle."

I LOVE these coffee tables below that make such a complete pair. Notice the curved shapes on the coffee table. All of this brings more of a feeling of unity into the space plus the wood is visually SO pleasing to the eye. This is an example of a "regenerative space" where a person can come in from a rough day, sit down, and gain a sense of calm and comfort.

Layers, color, fun and funky, and children’s spaces were also a highlight:

No more monkeys jumpin' on the bed! :) Love this fun zoo-ey children's bedding...

And this fun funky bo-ho vibe below! See how easy it is to do a neutral bedding palette and then spice it up with color?

And here's an example of lush layering and color below! Of course, you don't have to do all of this, but I can show you how to add color and elevate your bed to get something with some fluff with less pillows! But this is so awesome! Do you see an equestrian theme in there?

and....lastly, some great lighting! And guess which was my personal FAVORITE of all HP Market? What's YOUR fav of all the pics?

This waterfall chandelier is just so striking. It even brings great contrast to the brick behind it.

And this serpentine style chandelier! It gives a modern touch to a classic.

Annnd, the loveley peacock chandelier......just stuning.

Well, the PEACOCK was the one I fell in love with. There was a larger one and a smaller one. It just makes me SO happy when I look at it!

What things did you enjoy, out of all that you have seen? Shoot me back an email - it's so fun hearing from you all!

And yes, just a bit of fun here! The beverage stand shown behind me had this great scooter displayed along with it.

I had a blast, the weather was great, and my dream has always been to get a scooter and ride it somewhere in Italy or something. This was as close as I could get so far :). In front of the Feizy rug building!

So, as a bit of a final note, I'm getting booked up for pre-holiday help, so if you are even thinking of getting some design help, just reach out and call! We always have fun on our projects!

Some recent projects: Sourcing window treatments, redesigning a VERY unique living room, ordering furniture, accessories, etc. for a mid-century style home, and more! Each project is unique, just like YOU! Give me a call, no pressure at all!

Yes, sometimes pets like to get into the pics. Stay tuned for more client project pics :)

Happy fall ya'll!




Beth Wilson
Beth Wilson

Wow, I'm so surprised at these pictures. So much of the furniture, accessories such as lamps and wall pictures, and rugs remind me of what others call "grandma" stuff and what many have changed for more "modern" pieces. I love all of these pictures and have been to the HP market myself. I'm a grandmother also and so I have some of these same looks mixed in with some newer pieces. I have a staging degree and a passion for decor but I'm not currently doing that. Need some help? I'm in Lewisville, next to Winston, and love anything design and decorative. Would help for nothing as I love it that much. Beth


Hi Beth, thanks for your interest and response! I'm currently good right now for help, but it's always good to know there's someone out there if things change. Take care - Patricia.

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