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Fall Colors!

Hi Friend!

I’m SO excited to feel the shift in the weather here, and also look forward to more of those cooler days. How about you? It’s all about vibrant colors, wonderful foodie fall scents, crisp apples, and texture!

Since my mission is to help reduce “Design Overwhelm,” today I’m going to share with you how you can incorporate some fall colors into your home in ways that aren’t too scary!

Although I know building an entire color palette for your home can take a little bit of time, and as many folks reach out to me for my design packages for this particular need, I wanted to feature some lovely colors from what I consider to be a fall palette in which you can transform some small areas of your home.

I'm starting with a color that makes for a GREAT backdrop for so many other wonderful colors, SW Naval.

Whether putting it in a dining room, living room, office, or library, this color can feel like a nice, big hug - and if you add some of the other colors such as what you see here, it might feel a bit like fall, it creates a win-win.

Take a look at the pic of some just a few colors here that pair so well with it. Navy, to me is almost like a neutral; I find it hard to have something not go with it!

Source: Sherwin Williams

As you can also see, SW 6621 Emotional is a fabulous orange color that goes nicely with the SW Naval. And SW 0060 Alexandrite, as well! SW Alexandrite is under the SW Historic collection, but some of the historic colors can really add some great drama to a space.

SW 6494 - Lakeshore is a color that looks similar to one or two of these in this pic.

It is a soft, Blue-green color that is Light Reflective Value of 27, meaning a darker hue, but oh, so luscious, especially paired with a velvety texture.

Some lush velvety throw pillows are also a way to add an update, but not require a whole new sofa, thus elevating a space- and at the same time, create a serene, luxurious feeling.

SW 6663 Saffron Thread. This is another softer orange color that, as you can see in this pic with the rug, complements so many other elements such as the rug that has both warm and cool tones. (Chair image source: Target)

A throw or pillow can be also be a fun element without you having to commit to an entire room painting project!

Blue Vase/Yellow Floral Source: Wayfair

Hydrangea Source: Wayfair

SW 6673 - Banana Cream - A softer, buttery yellow gold reminiscent of the Mid Century Modern colors. Happiness can often be related to yellow, and also the warm sunsets of the fall season. This floral arrangement with the blue vase is a bit brighter, but you can see here how much a room can be brightened up with just a touch of yellow. hydrangea arrangement is more of a match.

I’ve put some yellow in my fall tablescape, along with buffalo plaid table runner, and sunflowers. Colored placemats can also add dimension and color! See how nicely even darker shades tie in with that buttery yellow color!

SW 6866 Heartthrob - (third one down in pic) This lovely red (with the slightest hint of pink) can be used to spruce up the foot of a bed with a throw, fabric blanket, pillow, or, as you see in the top pic, a little more glamor even with a new rug, a lampshade, or other feature points.

Well, that about covers it -- for now! If you need some help just pulling a room together, need a way to incorporate some of what you already have, along with some new items, I’m not scary to work with! I promise you! What burning question do you have about your home that I can help you with? Just reach out!

Happy fall YA’LL!



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