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Fall... Into a New Space!

I'm sure you know.....times have definitely been different this year! I know for a fact that many of us (including me) have discovered those areas in our homes that we really need to “fix,” especially since our focus has shifted more on being at home, while we work, while we play, while we teach our children -while still working! Right?

Anyway, I've heard from some of you! You have looked at either CREATING a home office, fixing problem areas of your home office, creating a child’s remote learning station, or getting your office more organized.

SO….I’m just going to share a few great work spaces with you today for some inspo... Some aren’t even that expensive to create, and that’s always a bonus!

Here’s a home office that doesn’t take up a lot of real estate. Just a corner of the bedroom. I love it, don’t you? Simple and serene.

Also, I love this kid’s work station where more than one child can fit but it doesn’t take up tons of space. Creative thinking: All this consists of is a bookcase, a board, and 2 sets of legs! (bookcase creates a barrier - lol)

Also, I've heard some of those other areas in our homes have gotten a facelift during these social distancing times....or perhaps you have a room that still needs one?

Well, I wanted to make this short and sweet, but I wanted to shoot you some inspiration because good things come to those who wait (for those very special sales) and to those who can’t also! (aaand for those people, there’s Amazon!)

Regarding those "other areas".....a friend of mine who scored BIG with a vintage mid century modern dresser and she and her hubby did their first attempt with this great bathroom remodel (pictured above). They even poured concrete countertops. I’m so proud of their work! Be sure to follow this sweet young couple on IG @thistleandpuck! I’ve known Mimi since she was knee high and doing pairs skating with her brother!

I’ve found that many people are “stuck” trying to figure out next steps, or order of things when re-doing a space. I LOVE trouble shooting with my clients and oftentimes, they just need a little “kickstart” by having me come and do a color or design consult. Getting a “punch” list together, and knowing what to do next is what I love doing. I also offer “add-on” services and hours beyond the consult, if needed.

Lately, just FYI, I’ve been doing quite a few paint and color consultations, prep to sell consultations, a few DIY/Assist Design Project, and helping a client figure out where to place furnishings in her new home.

Be sure to reach out if you need any help with design, décor, and intentional living strategies!

Oh yeah, and just drop me a line, even if you aren’t ready to do something just now and let me know what you might be thinking about…..

I’m dreaming myself of a garage home office… ---who’s to say what dreams can become?? What about you??? I believe….don’t you??

Love all of you! Stay safe, be kind, and reach out to others during this time, and always.


Intentional Living Designer



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