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Happy Fall Y'all!

Happy Fall!

I just love fall….don’t you?  I love the outdoors, camping, decorating for fall, and fall freshening up!

I love hot apple cider with cinnamon, apple crisp, and caramel apples! I love the colors and the crisp breeze mixed with the sunshine….

And I love taking my evening walks in the fall….

Which brings me to mention some outdoor paint colors and updates!

I think we are all so busy that sometimes our homes just gradually get a little older and more tired looking without us even knowing it!  And when I walk, I notice the little things that could be done to refresh a home, PLUS bring value to it as well! 

Let's start with painting your front door.  A fresh coat of paint can truly elevate your home!  And did you know that according to Zillow, painting a front door black can increase a home’s value by $6,000?  I know!  I was shocked when I read that statistic also!  Zillow also goes on to say which colors decrease your home's value....

Sherwin Williams' Tricorn Black is a GREAT black color for your front door! Now, if your home is your “forever home”, then you can paint it a more personalized color, but be sure you get some expert advice on that, because I’ve seen some pretty rough choices out there people have made.  You need to relate it to the other color on the front of the house in order to get it right!  That’s where I can come to the rescue!

Something else that can boost your home’s value on the exterior besides good landscaping is to add fresh paint to your shutters.  That ol’ southern sun can really fade our shutter faster than you know.

For fun, I’ve added a few colors of some other front doors you might like.  The gorgeous Red is Ben Moore Dutch Tulip.

Color:  Behr Blueprint (2019 Behr Color of the year)

Well, that's about it, but be sure to check out my latest portfolio pics. I loved helping my client, Dianne, create a comfy, cozy space with a touch of glam.  Here's the before and after pics just to get you started. 

Let me know if you need help with refreshing a spaceI'm here for ya!

Love all of you!  Stay safe, be kind, and reach out to others during this time, and always.  


Intentional Living Designer



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