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Indoor/Outdoor Ideas that will make you Smile!

A the weather begins to warm, and we see more sunshine, most of us are looking to upgrade certain areas outside, but here’s an idea -- there are also some great products although they may be labeled outdoors, can be used indoors OR outdoors. Pretty cool, right? It’s kind of like getting double for your money! And I looove getting more for my money. Every time! Don’t you?

So, I’m going to share just a few really quickly! Enjoy your nesting, planting, relaxing, having small groups over, etc. I’ll share some links from my pals over at Sidedoor, if you want ease of shopping. I’ve also added a few more items into that little “shopping hub.”

Rattan Style chairs:

Some of these chairs are even lightweight - hence, easy to move from indoors to out. With many living rooms having more of an eclectic style, these chairs can be used in them as well as your outdoor patio!

Happy Pillows:

These sunbrella-type pillows hold up to the outdoor weather, sun, and such. They also make a pretty spot in a sunroom or cozy corner. Mix ‘em up for some fun!

Indoor Outdoor Rugs: Many of these babies - you can actually just rinse or hose off. I had one in my Living Room when we first moved in until I found the interior rug I really wanted. Now the indoor outdoor one is in the sunroom, but they can make an outdoor space feel more cohesive and anchored as well.

Side Tables or Rattan ottomans: These are so nice and versatile. Holding drinks, books, sunscreen, you name it!

String lights: These babies can be attached under your patio umbrella. Voila! Even if you are enjoying the night air outside, you can have your own party of one, or more!

Stay safe with getting the right outdoor extension cord, be sure to social distance, and let me know when the party starts!

If you want to shop from my outdoor collection further, please help yourself to take a look and order if you see something that you love. There are so many more ideas in here!:

I’m having so much fun with my clients. Some current projects currently are: creating kitchen and living room paint color stories, selecting finishes, fabric, curtain, and accessories, and most recently - updating areas of an assisted living facility.

I want to hear what projects you are working on! Big or small, having a cohesive plan and someone who can help you stay on task till it’s done - well, you know I’m here, and I can put a package together that works with your budget and your taste! Text or call me and we can set up a quick chat to hear about your spring goals.

Much love, health, and happiness to you,


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