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6 Kitchen Remodel Tips for 2022

What Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen (in 2022)? 6 TIPS to help you!

With all the craziness the Pandemic brought, it also brought about a flurry of activity with people re-doing areas of their homes. One area that has gotten a lot of attention is the KITCHEN. Whether you just need an update, or if there are things you just can’t stand anymore, costs have risen with ability to get things in, supply and demand, shipping costs, etc. I see a lot of kitchen re-dos on HGTV, and it seems to me that some of the breakdown for budget is not very realistic - so I wanted to share info on that subject.

For starters - I’m going to give you some things to think about, and then move on (I’ll try to keep it short).

First of all, a basic kitchen remodel on the “skinny” side can cost anywhere around $35,000 give or take. And then there’s more high end, and it goes on from there.

Variables include contractor, customized items, availability, grade level of things such as countertops, etc.

1. START WITH WHAT YOU THINK YOU WANT TO SPEND - Come up with a rough budget. Perhaps you can make a short list of “must haves.”

2. WHERE TO BEGIN? You will want to begin with appliances. Making those decisions in order to “build around them” are important. Other things such as venting systems may hinge on the type of range you are getting. If you are keeping your existing appliances, be sure they at least match, because that’s a real “Debbie Downer” that will make potential home buyers frown if you ever sell.. It also makes your home less aesthetically pleasing.

Another thing that costs more is moving things around such as plumbing and knocking walls out. If you are keeping your basic original footprint, this can save you money.

3. CABINETRY. Stock cabinetry can very much save money, however, custom can give you more detailed customization. Your contractor should be able to show you samples and/or refer you to a cabinet shop.

4. COUNTERTOPS, BACKSPLASH AND FLOORING: Making these selections based on which element will be “the boss” can help you narrow things down, and also knowing the price point.

5. HIRE A RELIABLE CONTRACTOR to get a more realistic budget. Be sure you vet them. Be sure they are insured, licensed appropriately per your state and know what hoops to go through. Get them to explain their process. Talk to more than one.

6. HIRE A DESIGNER TO HELP YOU. Even if your designer doesn’t manage the entire project, and you want to be more involved, a designer can help you make finish and color, selections and create a plan. The advantage of hiring a designer is that they can keep you from running around too much, losing time, lessen stress, and they help you stay on the timeline you need to be on with the contractor.

ARE YOU ON A TIGHT BUDGET? Pick one thing that makes you crazy, and then go from there. For me, although I am going to eventually get new countertops in my home, the flooring was what I HATED. Did I say, hated? So although I have the countertops and backsplash I want in mind, the flooring was where I spent last year.


* Painting the cabinets - prime them first!

* New cabinetry doors instead of full cabinet replacements.

* New hardware (you can even spray paint with Rustoleum)

* New Lighting

* New Backsplash

* New Countertop

I’ve also included a special gift - my downloadable “KITCHEN BUDGET GUIDE” for your use. Use it more as a guide, but it should really shed some light on your project.

Patricia Justice Designs - Kitchen Remodel Breakdown
Download PDF • 1.03MB

Also – Just a reminder - I offer Designer for a Day/Designer by Your Side Services to help you get your decisions made quickly while providing ideas and plans for your space. SO many of my clients truly love this service, and it has propelled them forward into getting going, having a cohesive plan, and much lower stress.

I wish you a happy and healthy 2022! Call me if you need me!



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