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LOVE Your Space + 2021 Design Trends

Hi! Happy 2021 (I know, I'm a little late)!

I hope you have been transitioning into 2021 well. I know I've been happy to put 2020 behind me - how about you? The highlight of my year so far? Girl Scout Cookies are selling! Thin Mints :)

Anyway, some of the things we may have discovered during the homeschool-work-from-home-somebody-help-us-all year were....

Source: Designinghome

  • Rooms with more warmth, and comfort are needed more now than ever.

  • Individualized spaces for work and Learning. Since Covid, Open Concept may not be the dream it once was! Maybe some doors, or dividers are needed with all of us at home (but flexibility is a real need). Right now as I type this, my daughter is doing follow up to parents by phone (she’s currently doing virtual teaching) as I am in the dining room. Trying to work. Both of us. Goodness.

  • We Need more “happy spots” in our homes - in the form of soothing items and soft texture and pops of color is a good thing!, Don’t you agree?

And with Valentine’s day right around the corner, and knowing we all need a little love, I’m sending some 2021 things that are trending are now…(and these are all shoppable links!) I’ve also included a link at the end that captures a few more items than what you see here. Enjoy!

Pops of color such as wallpaper or happy pillows, or lamps:

I just love this pink (and I’ll show some more great wallpapers at the end) And did you know now there’s a look that’s slowly replacing farmhouse? Yep. It’s the Grand Millennial look! You say “what is that?” Well, it’s the lovin’ feel of grandma mixed with modern is a thing!

Rooms with more warmth and comfort….

Some natural looks and tone on tone with texture can be a good thing.

Fabrics with cuddle - ability are a good thing. Velvets, etc, faux fur blankets,

Flexibility and Versatility is a great thing. With all the work from home and homeschooling, why not wrap yourself in the arms of a great swivel chair?

I love velvet, but I also adore this leather egg shaped chair: Decisions, decision! What’s your fav?

Finding HAPPY PLACES are great. The farmhouse style is trading off for more color...Bolder art, more colorful wallpaper is now trending….

AND, Yellow --- which we may have laughed at when Pantone’s color of the year was originally introduced toward the end of last year, but done right can bring great joy to a space. Why not? Yellow can go great with so many other colors!

And the color white, ah yes. White evokes a calm and pure feeling and you can add texture and color on top if you like...……. You can layer gorgeous pillows on top and create the look you want. Love this look: Let me know if you want another size, or need the shams.

Also, the color Sky Blue has SOARED to new heights by 30% at the end of 2020 according to Etsy.and. So, that being said, sky blue evokes thoughts of lake visits, beautiful spring days, and so on. So, why not some sky blue in towels, a chair, wallpaper, or even some...books by the foot? I love these!

Well, I’m about to sign off, but I did want to tell you that SO many folks, realtors, home sellers and home dwellers are reaching out right for my prep to sell consultations, AND Signature Room Refresh Services. It’s like your own “easy button” to get your home looking fresh and new! Wouldn’t you want to love your space?

Now’s the time :) before you get too busy OUTSIDE to take care of your inside!

Have a great Valentine’s Day, and be sure to give love as well as receive it!

(p.s. Here’s the link with a few more great items).




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