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Organizing Your Home, and 3 Things to Keep in Mind

As we slowly transition from indoor activities to outdoor, I know that some of us are still trying to get our interior areas a little more organized. I just wanted to briefly highlight some things I’ve discovered that have helped me personally and share with you:

  1. Start with the most crazy making area first. I know, you could wander from room to room looking at all your home’s needs, just pulling your hair out, or you could. Just. pick. one. area. I know I can get overwhelmed if I focus on too much at one time. So, for example, during the pandemic, I chose my pantry. It was a mess.

Here’s a pic of my pantry BEFORE. It was embarrassing. It didn’t start out that way...

But I’m putting it out there to show you there’s HOPE. I get overwhelmed, too. And the rest of my home does not look like this. This was my hidden sorrow. Projects such as an old chandelier to be refurbished all started just taking up space in there.

And here’s a section of it “AFTER.”

I have had the blessing of a nice walk-in pantry in a small house. But the opposing problem is it’s a little bit like a big purse. Too much stuff can go in! So, I made my list of what would work for me, and set to work. I knew I needed an extra shelf installed for my cans, so I got that done (traded babysitting the grandson for my son’s help). Then, I also organized my arts and crafts area that’s also in there with drawer units and labeled them.

Let me tell you. Labels do AMAZING things. Quick to see, and easy to know what to grab. I already had some baskets that were labeled, but I put the soft drinks (mostly for when company comes) in a wire basket. Soda boxes - be gone! So, I had to pull some things out first, before I put them back in in an orderly fashion. I purchased vinyl re-stickable labels you can write on in erasable chalk marker from Hobby Lobby and I love them. I also discovered that not all chalk pen markers are created equal as you can tell from the pics of marked storage containers (upper -Flower and Sugar vs. lower in pic).

Trust me, none of this happened overnight. I did a little bit at a time. And I need to re-do these craft drawer labels more neatly. One thing at a time!

Also, these little clear storage containers as pictured below (bpa-free), are great because they have a round push-seal button on top. I have some of these I got at Home Goods. STACKABLE little things. LOVE THEM.

Source: Lauren Kolyn

2. Labeling and Sorting

Rather than pull everything out of my pantry, I did work on one area at a time. I felt it was much more manageable that way. Now, I’m working on reorganizing my office.

My office looked great pre-pandemic, but then, things kept happening, so, I just started tossing things out there in the office in piles because of life happening. And grief. The pile monster grew. And it grew. Here’s a pic pre-pandemic, below. Not fancy, but lots of drawers and doors to hide the mess. Baskets also serve me well. I’ll spare you a current pic of the piles :) And this is what it normally looks like - clean and simple:

So, to get back to what you see here, I’m just taking 10-20 items at a time, or 30 minutes at a time to sort, toss and file.

And here’s a great desk idea by Ikea (below). You have to decide what works for you and how you work.


3. Ask Yourself, What could make this area better? My fridge had one area where the sauce bottles just were so sticky I had to rinse them, and put in one of those rubbery shelf mats, and so far, this has worked great. What area do you have that, in just changing one little thing, could streamline things?

Sometimes it’s just easier to donate unwanted items than trying to sell them. It’s faster and easier to free up for the needed space for what you DO use. Get it done. It will free up your space, your mind, and feel SO amazingly good!

With the goal for my clients to have as much peace of mind as possible, I offer not only room makeover and redesign services, I can also help you with those areas where you need a little help getting that crazy maker space in order. Just call it an Intentional Living Strategy Session!

So, just to summarize,

  1. Start with your “crazy maker” area first. Also, make a small “punch” list for that area.

  2. Label and Sort. Throw away old items, or donate.

  3. Ask yourself questions about what would make your area better and make note of it.

  4. Reach out if you need help! I’m just a call or text away!

Do your project in small, manageable tasks. Or set a timer. And remember, an organized home can increase both perceived and actual value!

That’s it! You’ve got this! And please call me. I’m here for you~ virtually, or in person, I want to help you live a more simpler, well-intentioned life and not be buried in the “stuff” life can throw at you.

Take it easy!



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