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Patio and Porch Style!

Hi Friend!

I love seeing new and fresh ideas for outdoor spaces, don’t you? This month’s blog post is geared to help you unleash your creativity and get some new ideas for your space, whether big or small. Heck, just refreshing an area can make a place come alive! At the end of the blog I’ve also included downloadable “Porch and Patio Styling Tips” just for Y-O-U!

But for now….I’m sending you a little love with these themed and inspirational porch and patio ideas. Enjoy!

Country/Farmhouse Porch

Although some of the “all gray” farmhouse trends are trending out, some good ol’

farmhouse Americana is ALWAYS in (below). The good ol’ Red White and Blue touches can easily be removed when the Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day holidays are over.

Here's another great country/farmhouse look (bel0w). Who doesn't love a good porch swing? Outdoor fabrics on pillows will help them last longer and be more resistant to UV rays.

Bold Stripes

Black and white stripes are WAAY popular right now, and those perky bold black and white pops can brighten up any space. A friend I know bought this little tiny house and fixed it up SO cute, and she loves outdoor planting and planning. This made her little house just look so great from the curb. Here, she has a black umbrella with sweet white trim on it, but you can also get a striped umbrella to match if you get the black and white striped chair cushions.

Repainted/Refurbished Wrought Iron (metal)

I read somewhere that wrought iron is “out,” and I beg to differ. We've owned a great set for YEARS, and every few years, I just repaint it. And change up the cushions. Some great Rustoleum spray with a fun color can brighten up any space. You just need to be sure if you paint it, you prep it by scrubbing it with a wire brush, and hose it down. And DON’T spray paint anywhere so close to objects - that the paint could get on your….car…or…house…you get it, right?


Keep your guests happy (and yourself) by adding some texture and color. My designer friend, Kristy Mastrandonas livened up her pool space with a fun tote bag, and some colorful pillows. Flamingo, that is!

Small Patio

I love this patio set up. Simple, lightweight furniture, inviting lanterns, and it just gives off this very relaxed, “zen” vibe. I could picture sitting down with a friend or two on this patio and just catching up on each others’ stories, can’t you? Of course, you’d have to turn the little “sofa” around!

Beachy, Nautical Fun!

My client had gotten this lovely set from Ashley furniture, I believe. Getting it all dressed up with some blue touches, and adding some plants really livened this space up! This pic really entices you to just hang out outdoors with a good book and an iced drink, doesn’t it?

Well, I'm about to sign off, but be sure to click below to get your downloadable Porch and Patio styling tips and enjoy! By the way which one is your favorite? I'd love to hear from you!

Download • 338KB

Take care, and warm wishes (like summer sizzling warm),

Patricia Justice Designs

"Beautiful Homes. Simplified"


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