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Spring 2022 High Point Market Trends

Hi Friend!

I wanted to take a quick minute to share a few nuggets from my High Point Market Spring 2022 trip this April. Although my time to visit was short this year, my goal was to look at a few new sources, and take in some rugs, art, and accessories. I just wanted to share with you some of the exciting highlights!

Retro is Back in fabric (and in color in other areas) - For example - Boucle Fabric (below) - A nubby type fabric, reminiscent of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Of course, the fabric is much softer now and way less scratchy than from that era (for those who remember, it WAS scratchy!)

Color, Color, Color. It’s as if the pandemic made everyone burst out of it CRAVING color- in bold, new ways!

Even if you like a neutral palette on your walls, colorful accessories can really bring a space to life. Everything from some Boho, to Monet-esque style, your home certainly would not be lacking for any avenue you choose to travel in adding some additional lovely layers to your home.

Some color love from of my favorite trade sources below:

Everything from machine made to hand-loomed rugs were on display, and the ones just above (lower pic) have slightly more muted tones.

The same showroom even had a lovely Ombre painted wall.

Brushed Gold. Brushed gold has made its appearance more and more, and although we still still have other finishes, along with wood accents, this truly is the glamour girl of current finishes.

Bringing the Outdoors in: From plants to colorful accessories, and a black and white stripe, people are defining their own unique way to live. After being cooped up and/or working from home, so many are wanting new and fresh ways to redesign and rethink ways to enhance both their indoor and outdoor spaces.

These classy yet fun stools and bench make a space “outstanding!”

And black and white is something that really never goes out of style!

Quirky and Fun: I think everyone needs a bit of quirky and fun, and there were several items where the word “Playful” came to mind. For example, these fun black cast metal pugs (below). I even saw a “hand” created of similar material that would hold your glasses so that you would never say “where are my glasses?”

They are so stinkin’ cute!

Well, as I sign off on the “quirky and fun” note, I did want to share with you some recent client projects: and MOST of them have been Designer for a Day/Designer by Your Side projects:

  • Moving in styling/decorating, re-arranging for someone who downsized.

  • Making selections and design boards for renovations in a 100-year old farmhouse

  • Helping a young woman update her sweet new bungalow with color palette, design and decor (her mom gifted the design assistance to her)

  • Helping a client “find” more space for a powder room, bathroom expansion, and redefine other rooms in her home.

We have so much fun!

We don’t always live the way our home’s features “dictate” to us, and re-thinking those areas more to how you really want to live is a specialty of mine. Thinking outside the box, getting a plan in place and working with people just like you to tackle it - well, it’s just a great way to go!

If you are newly signed up to my blog/newsletter, thanks so much for signing up! We’ll have so much fun!


Intentional Living Designer


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