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Your Happy Place

Can you believe we are halfway through JULY? Even though the store I was recently in now has Halloween stuff in it, kind of weird. This sizzling hot weather plus the COVID19 has many of us still being cautious, as we should be. With many of us are staying closer to home, we are looking for more creative ways to enhance our indoor and outdoor spaces!

But, why not make it fun and more about what YOU love, right? So many folks are remaking those rooms where we are IN more, and I've had quite a few calls from people just like you, who need a little bit of help to get things looking not so boring, a little cheerier, or more relaxing! And sometimes, with just a little fluff and stuff, you can easily bring new life into a room!

SO, just because I do so love my decor and staging "kin" as we say here in the south (yes, that's Y-O-U), I’ve put together a few quick ideas to help you out! Of course, these are just ideas, you can take them and make them into your own with different selections.

First, start with getting that ground level layer down. You can put an indoor/outdoor rug just about anywhere. Some of them you can just take outside and hose them off!  What a great idea!  We have one in my sun room.  Either a plain woven one you can just layer color over top of it with accessories or a fun, colorful one.  These type of rugs can be found in many stores such as Home Depot, Wayfair, etc.  Seasons are beginning to change in the stores, so you may have to order online.

Next, get either a real or faux (fake) plant.  Faux succulents can look very real these days, and another great real plant that is great for improving your air quality is a snake plant. Faux snake plants can look great as well. Green areas can really bring some warmth into a room. And, if you have NO idea on real plant care, here's a link from Home Depot on how to care for a live snake plant.

A side note:  If you have any of the 80's faux ivy, now might be the time to let it find it's way to the local thrift store!

Next, how about a POP of color! Pillows, farmhouse, indoor/outdoor, or fun mixed with classy, pick your choice!

Maybe a “square” ottoman would be fun! Or, look for a “mohair” one!  Kids and adults love these!

And also the option of a lovely blue pouf ottoman!  Blue makes me think of the ocean and summer lake fun, don't you think?

What's NEXT?  How about a little side table? Put your drink or a plant on it.  These look great indoors or outdoors! Add some happy plates for your happy place! You can find real pottery, or melamine to suit your own style of living!  

Don’t you just loooove it? I'm already ready to party with a small gathering, right? Socially distancing with a small group can still rock! Or just treat yourself to a quiet space and make your own personal party!

Finally, some vases or perhaps just one fat one. Grab some dried flowers, or even an interesting branch to stick in it, and that’s all you need!

All you need now is some music, and maybe some fun outdoor lights that you can use indoors or outdoors!

I truly hope you enjoyed these fun inspirational ideas!

I'm just a phone call away, and I've already got people booking time with me into August. I'd love to help you rethink some great possibilities for your summer project, so just shoot me a text or call. The possibilities are endless! 

Before you know it, the holidays will be here, at least the retail stores are giving that message! So let me help you get out of your "stuck" mode, whether selling or dwelling!

P.S.  (check out my website - I have updated my packages!)

P.S.S. - There's a GIVEAWAY! My sister, the artist, is doing an art giveaway - Check it out!

Love all of you! Stay safe, be kind, and reach out to others during this time, and always.  




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