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Happy Valentine’s Day!  – Hearts to You!

Today, as we all think of chocolate, candy, and flowers…well, really, for me, mostly, I think of chocolate, there are also some great loves we can have in our own homes.

Although most of us drool over the homes we see on HGTV and in magazines, there are some things we need to remember in our own homes that are critical to make them uniquely our own. 

As we are all incredibly different, there are places in our own homes that our areas of “love” can show — whether it is a love of art by local artists, your love for cooking, or a love of music, let it show in your home. When we put things in our homes that appeal to our senses, we have a smile on our face when we come home to them.

Select Some of Your Favorite Elements

I love elements of the outdoors such as pictures of animals and flowers in my own home, and classic blended with some French country/cottage. But my love for family, reading, music, and soft touches make me a little more relaxed, so when I am home, I feel secure when I can have easy storage. Simple white crockery and white antique pitchers give my family a peaceful feeling in the kitchen. I also have art from my grandmother I inherited that just seems to “belong” in my dining room.

​Create areas that give you a smile….love your home

That being said, if I can’t have a tad bit of mess mixed a little bit of organized, then I am a bit of a mess. So, I’m just saying – pick your areas that give you a smile, find an area or two you can create to feel more “organized,” and then, it’s ok.  Love your home. Take the time to slow down and “be” in the moment sometimes. 

I have a great respect for my clients when I consult with them for a design project; incorporating some of their “loves” into the design is what makes it so special. 

After all, most of those HGTV’s homes when you do the walk through – no one’s living in them …yet!  Create areas that give you a smile….love your home.
I hope you have a great rest of the week, enjoy something decadent today, and shoot me a message on what projects you are working on!  I love hearing from you all!